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Sahaya is a youth volunteer network that works with less-privileged children. We try to empower these children with English, Computer knowledge and other necessary life skills to help them succeed in life and harness their true potential.

After Std X, the curriculum is in English. They are unable to cope and therefore do not pursue their studies. The apparent pointlessness of studying till STD X causes students to drop out in lower classes. They are not prepared in vital areas like communication skills, basic computer awareness etc.

We solve this problem by teaching them English, computer skills and life skills so that by STD X, they are ready to move to English medium and prevent drop outs. In addition to this we organize personality development camps and vocational training for our children.

We want to bring about a situation where all children can select a career based on their aspirations and potential rather than on their financial situation.

For each child:
"Our dream is that one day all children should get a chance to do something good for themselves and for the country."
Sahaya aspires to provide each child with:
A strong educational foundation, A joyful learning experience, Life skills which boost their confidence.Sahaya encourages children to dream but more importantly, aspires to empower them to achieve their dreams.

What will you choose?? Choose to make a difference where it really counts.. Volunteer with us for two hours every week.

Click here if you want to volunteer with us…

- The SAHAYA Team

Contact us:

Sahaya President ESHWAR BABU
Contact # : +91-9963532307

Sahaya General Secretary SRIKANTH KOTHALA
Contact # +91-9247766039

Sahaya Treasurer B DHARANI KUMAR
Contact # +91-9985085665
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