Happy new year 2011....:-)


Its Been a month i have been part of this society but i have loads of memories attached with the organisation.To start on with,i'l brief my first day experience.The journey began and i reached the school with my gang of 4nz.We were greeted by tiny tots questioning us about our well being,complimenting us(good strt ri8),next we headed on to the classes allotted and attended a demo session.After the session ended we were given a short intro about the objectives,teaching methodologies etc and there ended my first day.The next session i was allotted a class and i had to take up the session.I had to teach basic topics like primary colors,details about winged birds(whch would be useful for the coming science fair).I felt it was an easier task(but it wasn't that easy).When questioned to list out 12 colours,one of the student stood up and said mam u might be wondering if i say this but there are more than 12 colours(i smiled silently).When questioned about winged birds i was starled to see students telling out so many facts(evn i dint knw few).The last 10 min of the session was question hour/Puzzle's Time.Before i could start students started to ask me tons of questions and i could hardly answer .It was time to leave and students requested to stay back and questioned me if i was cumn in the af8rnoon,when i replied i had to leave students gathered around asking me not to leave and asked me to come even in the coming sessions too.I was really carried away by the care showered.This was my first teaching experience.
There are few things i specifically like about the organisation,there is no one to boss you around,even the president,treasurer,secretary treat you as a friend and one is free to express views at any instant of time.One has the freedom to implement own methodologies in teaching students with no objections raised.
Once you are part of sahaya and attend a session or two I'm sure one would stick to the organisation till the end.