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After a conversation from the President (not Prathiba Patil)...we too registered ourselves in the initiative...they gave us some time...some 4 odd days before voting started...Once the voting started we saw a flurry of votes coming for us and also unprecedented coordination among ourselves to make this a success....

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Field trip to HITAM college!!!

Few days back Sree ram had told me about the field trip of gowdevalli ZHPS children to HITAM college... i accompanied Sree ram and Karun to HITAM college with a vague idea of what was going to be done that day. We reached the college after a roller coaster ride :p at around 11 am.
I was amazed by the striking Green building of the college and the ambiance of the vicinity.
After we reached the school we met Eshwar whose commendable work to organize the event in the college awed me.. his work plan for the day which he was eliciting to the volunteers was well fabricated and the volunteers were all assigned a particular role to play.Later we had a semi formal induction program for the new volunteers where Karun and me shared our experiences with Sahaya followed by Sree ram's speech.
Soon the buses arrived at around 1:30 from gowdevalli school with the children oozing with enthusiasm and excitement.The students were divided into four batches and were accompanied by the volunteers to various labs and the library. The volunteers did an impressive job in presenting the complex engineering labs to the school children by fitting in their shoes and relating them to day to day situations in their life.The children were keen in learning about the labs and the volunteers patiently answered their queries. It was encouraging to see some of the lab faculty also interacting with children.
Later all the students and the volunteers assembled in a class room where the children were asked write their feed back. A student from class 10th sang a song that he composed himself about Bharat matha.. Every phrase so inspiring.. every note so mellifluous... Hats off to his talent!!!!! :)
Next, student from HITAM college tickled the funny bones the crowd with his wit and mimicry . Another student from the school came forward to share his experience about the day and we were elated to know that after the trip, even he wanted to become an engineer. Perhaps the purpose of the trip was accomplished!!! we could inspire some of the students to become engineers and study hard to see themselves in college like HITAM. HITAM college lecturer Mr.Srinivas addressed the students and gave them a valuable message.He told the students the importance of 'creativity' and 'hard work' in life. He demonstrated with a live example about creativity and urged them not to ape others but always be creative and that their perseverance and hard work would help the scale heights in life. Later a teacher from the school thanked the Sahaya team and the HITAM college management for organizing the event followed by a tea n snacks break for the children and volunteers from the college. Later we had a group photo with the children and the volunteers and then the children left to their schools with a sense of accomplishment.. dreams of becoming engineers and yes all the sweet memories with 'akkalu' and 'annayalu' :)
We were very happy to see the success of the 'Field trip', the first of its kind organised by Sahaya. Kudos to the newbies who organised the event so well and making it a success in their very first session. Very happy to see the responsibility and the participation of the HITAM volunteers. Thanks to the management of HITAM college for giving Sahaya this opportunity and for all their support and encouragement.
I believe that this field trip is an attempt from Sahaya that kindled a passion for engineering and other higher studies among the students and this spark if fanned in the right direction could spread its flames and engulf more students to aspire to MAKE IT BIG!!!!