This Children’s Day, we got exciting new catalog of books

With a wide range of new thing coming up in the world everyday! We gave a thought to upgrade Sahaya MyLibrary with a new catalog which would match the interest and requirement of underprivileged kids.

This Catalog would have the following series:
  • Amar Chitra Katha story books
  • Bi-lingual story books (English-Hindi) or (English-Telugu)
  • Children's Encyclopedia
  • Science Experiments

This is the series of blog posts about great books to give as gifts this season. This time we're going to be talking about some spectacular books.

These stories broaden kids' horizons, provide a fresh & a new perspectives, and open windows to new experiences: all the things that great children's books should do. In this spirit, we're pleased to announce the New Catalog of books adding to our MyLibrary initiative this year.

These books are wonderful way to introduce young children to the world of opportunities. We have fun activities to try after we’ve shared the stories with children!