Ways to Help

SAHAYA depends upon people volunteering their time and knowledge, and we always welcome new members to the organization.

On Site Work

Here are some ways in which you can help if you are in Andhra Pradesh.

1. Volunteer
We run a weekly educational programme as well as periodic events such as Science fairs, occational events and health camps events, and there is always a need for volunteers to assist in running these events. Volunteers can take this opportunity to see Sahaya at work first hand and to meet the wonderful people we help. Please refer to our blog for upcoming events and contact us if you are interested in coming.

2. Editorial team
If you are in Andhra Pradesh or away you can participate with our editorial team in creating, updating the syllabus that to be thought to kids in school. If you are not a that good in preparing syllabus and materials, you can help in planning and executing the event.

Share Your Knowledge

Regardless of where you are in the world, we welcome your suggestions and expertise. We collaborate through various media to allow people to participate wherever they are.

1. Education
Our educational programme aims to inculcate the values of health education, citizenship, courtesy, creativity, teamwork and trust in the children we work with.  Whether you are an educator or simply love working with children, we would greatly value your input, no matter where you are in the world.

2.General Awareness
This program aims to first instruct students on aspects of health and hygiene, sanitation, nutrition and disease education. It then moves on to cover environmental hygiene, first aid and basic illnesses, accidents, and drugs and alcohol.Help the team in developing programs and planning proper implementation.

3.Personality Development
Sahaya teaches them the basics of positive thinking, how to improve their communication skills and confidence levels. We have more games which are inclined towards improving their performance levels in exams and personality development. Goal setting and goal distinction based on their interests.Help the team by giving your input and aiding in the research work.

4.Cultural Events
Cultural Activities plays a vital role in the preservation, promotion and dissemination of artand culture. The aim is to develop ways and means by which the basic cultural and aesthetic values and perceptions remain active and dynamic among the children.Help the team in developing programs and planning proper implementation.


Even if you live farther away or abroad, you can always contribute to Sahaya's project development.

1. Donations in Kind (Material Donations)
We accept contributions in kind, which include books and stationary supplies. You can donate school supplies, medical equipment.

2. Financial Contributions
We use your financial contributions strictly for the implementation of our projects and for no other purpose.  With your contributions we purchase stationary supplies, equipment for the children's activities, and books for training.  You may also specify your contribution for a certain cause, such as paying for a child's school tuition, creating a scholarship fund or organizing a medical camp.

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