Success regeneration !

Here comes yet another wonderful day of this year #SWECHA 2K17

This year Swecha has a theme-TALENT TEST for kids in their respective schools. It contains interesting questions based on completed syllabus in the academic year(2016). Through my experience, kids became enthusiastic to attempt the test. Volunteers were comfortable handling the kids and explain them the theme. Each and every kid gave a fantastic performance. We can proudly assume that talent test was a mile stone for success .

January 26th is an honourable Republic day which is celebrated to the corners of India.
We Sahayans celebrate it in a unique way, increasing the bond between the kids and volunteers.

Our day starts with flag hoisting with NCC march by high school students followed by prize distribution for the winners of talent test and Anveshana Events.

Individual importance of each team in Sahaya was recognised by volunteers with the help of core team.

We had activities which were capitative. Personally, I felt that was necessary for the interaction of volunteers from all four schools. It was a "Convergence of volunteers, kids and the core team".

Looking forward for more knowledge, events and fun.

Proud to be a SAHAYAN!!