MY LIBRARY - The transition from being unable to being able to read

It's no secret that children who grow up with a love of books will be more successful in school. The goal is to make the library a familiar environment so that students grow up knowing how to use the library and feeling like the library is a great place to be. If our students can be inspired by the excitement of finding knowledge and by works of the imagination, they are likely to benefit from these vital elements of personal development throughout their lives, both enriching themselves and enhancing their contribution to society.

“My Library” should help to build the linguistic skills needed for evolving competencies in telling, imagining, understanding, reading, and being a social person.
Rupali, 9th C from ZPHS Kukatpally stated that “ My Library, will help me to learn my favorite Science experiments and also English, I have seen a good number of collection in my library, I will keep my library clean and tidy"
Likewise, we can easily identify what are the possibilities that can be adopted by the students using My Library and below are few

  • Good communication and problem solving skills
  • Ability to initiate and participation in Team Work
  • Eagerness learn new skills and develop professionally

These findings underscore the important position the library plays in the reading achievement of children who lack access to books and other reading materials in their daily lives.

We thank our subscribers and contributors towards My Library.