Thank you for being awesome

To make all our volunteer feel
that there is something in them
To look at the sunny side of everything
and make optimism come true.

To those who think only the best, work only for the best,
and to expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of organization
as are about children.

To learn from the challenges of the past
and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful countenance at all times
and give every kid you meet a smile.

To volunteer who give so much time to the improvement of children
To every little deed, to every caring effort 
Its time to appreciate who does something AWESOME.

A glimpse of work process with the help of Sanjana :-)


Stay tuned for updates on Giving kids the joy of reading

Mentoring Process at ZPGHS, Narsapur

I can say "life time opportunity for me to experience the Best"

We all know mentoring is not a new concept, but it only matters on how we look into this process. For me, mentoring process should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

The inception of this idea was borne out from a discussion between our Senior Volunteer Pro G.Karthik and our Chief Editor Nischal on April 28th 2013, where it started off with "encouraging some of the upper class students (10th) to teach/mentor the lower class". By the time it was an impossible proposition, but when we started analyzing on its practical implementation, we got to know that children will get benefited with the opportunities tailored to the needs within their own circumstances.

It's a tough decision to start off our mentoring process with Narsapur school because of its distance decay with other schools that we'd adopt. However with all faith driven hope, we have experienced the "Best Moments" during this entire mentoring process.

On 3rd August 2013....

                                                   Super Team of  13 lead by Ms.Shivani

                                                       During Mentoring Process

We noticed that the "Communication" plays a vital role in this process, where 10th class children should have rapport with 6 & 7 class children  that helps this program run smoothly.

On 15th Aug 2013...
Here is the Beautiful Picture story....

                                             We won't find any beautiful art than this...

                                  Students were practicing to perform for a Patriotic song

                                                                          At 7.30am
                                                                         At 8.30am

In this process, mentor efforts will bring energy to the program which able to expand participation and increase overall support from the participants.

                       One of our Mentors Ch. Priyanka with her feedback on this process

                                                              Feedback in detail

Very simple feedback, but effective as well, she strongly believe in mentoring process which is about individual learning and growth.

                                                                       Super dance Show

                                                                       Full House


The main intention is to make our Mentors to gain invaluable insight beyond their own education and experience. In turn we strongly believe, these mentors can inspire and guide all the Volunteers of Sahaya in near future.

We are greatly looking forward to have these mentoring programs regularly in all Sahaya adopted schools for the benefit of Children. We will be encouraged students with specific goals and expectations in their academic pursuits.

Finally, we would like to THANK each and every volunteer by name for their strong foundation towards Event Oriented Activities under the name "Swecha".

With Respects
Sreeram Bh

August 15th celebrations - Swecha 2k13

I have been planning to write a blog post since SWECHA 2k13 event started . So, let me begin with the  SWECHA  event. Every year SAHAYA conducts various activities to bring out the talent of children.  This year for Aug 15th , Extempore and Quiz were conducted. Despite many hurdles, Our volunteers and children made this event a huge success.

Initially when we explained children regarding Extempore event on Day1 in Shamshiguda school, the participation of students was not up to the mark . Later when we gave them some tips on how to remember the topic while speaking , how the flow should continue from introduction to conclusion , 80% of the class were interested to participate. Some children chose their own topics to speak and asked us to provide the content . In a session, prior to the event day , kids were well prepared by then and they insisted us to conduct a mock event.  Seeing the fellow mates participate, other children also enthusiastically came forward for participation.

Coming to the Quiz , D.Kiran from 7th class & Ch.Sandhya Rani  from 8th T.M (Shamshiguda school) were out of our imagination in I.Q terms . In visual round, we din’t know some of the places , but these children at one go, revealed the answers. They were happy with the way events were conducted and insisted us to conduct  such kind of events.

 I would like to specially mention about the SWECHA event conducted at ZPGHS Narsapur because in this school senior children mentored their juniors in this event process.

“ Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance “

This was perfectly executed by Sreeram. One session took place prior the event conduction day  where Sreeram , Srinath ,Ramaraju played a key role in explaining the team mentors(10th class students) about the Extempore event. When Juniors have any doubt regarding the event , they would pose a question to the Senior where they would justify the answer by taking the assistance of books from Library. Shivani (10th class) took the lead role in mentoring the whole process .

Coming to Aug 15th , My day started by reaching KP school to collect the gifts for students who excelled in these events. Later reached Shamshiguda school , after flag hoisting ,Nagalakshmi gave a speech which inspired students to further participate in many more events.

Real celebrations started when I reached back KP school . Phani gave an introductory session to new volunteers . Later all volunteers gathered in a class and here comes the most awaiting part I want to share. Sreeram  came up with an activity for volunteers . Some chits were prepared in which some real time scenarios were posed as questions . This is one of the best session I had  in SAHAYA till date.

When Karun was posed a question regarding  the effective measures to be taken in maintaining the quality of a session  , He replied in his most modest way explaining that class can be divided into teams which develops a competitive spirit between them leading to the righteous results. 

When its Anirudh turn , he chose a question to mention the various  volunteer  development programs  .He replied that Group discussions , Mock interviews can be conducted.  This question was perfectly answered later by Nischal saying that “ SAHAYA “ itself is a volunteer development program . In fact many volunteers directly /indirectly conveyed the same while sharing their experiences .

The most interesting question “ What are the steps to be taken for president role “ was posed to Srinath and he replied effectively that He would think as a volunteer, how it can be done and in the role of a student , what will be expected from volunteer and whatever decision he takes should be accepted by others too. He also mentioned that he was very thankful to Sreeram for making him as a decision maker.

In between these questionnaire , memento  are given to the best performers in every aspect . Special thanks to creative head Srikanth and Sanjana for making the hand made mementos .

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved “

Following this statement,  Sreeram asked Akhilesh and Santhosh to share their problems faced while conducting this event and had a discussion on how to prevent it further. Last but not the least, children's most favourite volunteer Ramaraju (birthday boy) shared his views on how to control an in-disciplined class. He quoted at last about his experience saying “Experience to be experienced “ .

            On every such occasion , we come to know that session has ended by Sreeram’s single sentence “ Thanks to Dharani and Srikanth for their valuable support “ and Nischal’s announcement “ Assemble for a photo “ . :-)
Had the most memorable day in SAHAYA journey – 67th Independence day

Divya Panjala

An Year of Simple Steps

Relationship not of blood but of heart

I  had an online conversation with an unknown person and this led me to step into an NGO which I didn't even know,I had no idea what was going to happen...But this step I took brought a lot of change in my life ....

On the 14th of August 2012 at 9:22 PM, I had a conversation with one of the volunteers of SAHAYA and I got a idea... Why Shouldn't I take a look into this. Next day, Early in the morning.. i.e on 15th August 2012 where I went to a govt school at Kukatpally after some phone calls. With little struggle, I got a chance to interact with Jagadeesh ,Karthick and Varun, with which I started my steps in Sahaya with a state of confusion.

It was my First session when I went to 9th class 

I entered a busy class room, it was really tough for me to make them sit quiet and listen to me. With no surprise kids saw me as alien from  an other planet. Before getting into the class I received few  instructions and a bit of guidance from senior co-volunteers. With little effort I made kids to sit quiet and I saw those enthusiastic faces of kids with all smiles looking forward to listen something new that day. These are my first memories in Sahaya.

 I was little shocked when I entered the school with few volunteers but later in few seconds, I realized that I was a bit early to school that day... Meanwhile, a kid who saw me in the previous session came to me and I gave him some tips in algebra.

Later, I got familiar with the process in Sahaya and kids as well. Along with the handout provided, I always felt that there are many more things that can be taught to kids and with a little preparation my sessions were much more productive. 

I learnt that everyone makes mistakes
A mistake that was pointed out by a kid named HARI PRASAD from  my class-room is a silly one, that i made it in case of COLOR, he said it was COLOUR  I made them overcome these little mistakes by making them to talk to each other in English and making their own points on the given topics

These are the five sessions where i did my best, with help of the cute kids.


Preparation for 26th Jan came out and I had no idea how this will be done, but TO BE FRANK... I JUST DIDN'T KNOW UNTIL  26TH JAN WHAT A COLLAGE MEANT, but each and every volunteer worked hard in each and every school I attended and I can just say that SAHAYA stood support to every kid, took them to heart as a brother not of blood but of heart,In the span of this 365 days I learnt more than what i taught but this made me to say proudly that I am not working with an NGO but with my complete Family of SAHAYA

                               The most memorable moments with SAHAYA family 
Every step i took is not my mind but with my heart when i started with an uneasy step
but that step though it was uneasy made each and every step so simple
The cricket match B/w Volunteers and Kids
The 26th event which made me how to mould to become better
The unbelievable and unexpected gift to this selfish fellow as

                BEST VOLUNTEER 

 the above all are my role models of my present life

                   joined+cared+educated = SAHAYA
                    i now proudly say that      I am sahayan

Arun IAS

My journey in sahaya (ONE-TWO-THREE)

Well, before starting to write a blog post firstly I’d like to have a recap of the most wonderful experiences from the past three years. I’d like to enter into the post by congratulating all my co-volunteers on their fantastic efforts in the completion of “SWECHA-2K13”. Though these are stereotypic and regular words from me but I’d again like to prefer thanking all my core team members for their wonderful support. A word which has been influencing me more than anything in my life, a wonderful and memorable journey which has been continuing from 3 years ie., SAHAYA ……

Exactly three years ago on August 7, a session in gowdavely,  has changed my entire calendar and entire life style which brought me into sahaya. Earlier I thought it was just a group of students helping school kids but as time moved on , I realized that it was not just a group it’s a world of positive minded and truly determined people who stood on one single stand and diversifying themselves and creating a serious impact in their surroundings.
According to my analysis I was unlucky because I couldn’t come to know about a network which is out of focus of all the media and unwanted publicities, which is still continuing to play a decisive role here in our society.
The essence here in Sahaya is you may have different thoughts, different ideas and plans but when you step into a school your mind and soul stops thinking of all those and you will seriously start thinking about the kids. If your thoughts still deviate you don’t worry the volunteers and core team will definitely format your ideas and impart the dedication, efforts towards the students. I guess each and every volunteer will agree with me.

A regular volunteer but childish and a bit ignorant. But still got some wonderful opportunities like “Field Trips” “MY LIBRARY” which really has laid a foundation for my learning and a thought provocation for changing my self.

A slight transformation in analyzing the things,a bit mature and improvement. I’d personally feel this year has got a decisive role in my entire life as this year in sahaya not only brought my positive thinking back but also some leadership skills which were hidden down in the corner. This year the core organizer of Technical fest and some IEEE events as said earlier I’d dedicate them to Sahaya which has brought out some skills out of me.

This year the trust and the belief that my core team had on me was inexpressible. HITAMP,CORE TEAM CHOICE,SCHOOL HEAD these things are wonderful gifts for me which I’d like to cherish in my entire life.Very happy to see Sahaya featuring in newspapers and elated seeing the turn-up and dedication of new volunteers from VNR and HITAM.

Thanking Note:
I’d like to take an initiative on behalf of every volunteer in thanking core team, editorial team, and treasury team. Personally I’d like to thank my co-volunteers from HITAM, my juniors and all the other volunteers for excellent efforts and being a point of inspiration in each and every situation during these 3 years.

Concluding, these three years which were very short and wonderful has given me many chances to prove thanking for that I’d like to have a word for my self “I will definitely give my best efforts and my dedication to the maximum extent.

Crazzy Phani

“Learning” leads to “Experience”

Sahaya Society is a social organization where a group of volunteers   teaches children in government schools started and was started by engineering students in the year 2008. But according to me, it’s not only a non profitable government organization, but also a family where all the volunteers are treated as the family members looking towards our society, to develop, find the talent of the children,  make them understand what they can do and what they can incorporate for themselves.

Before joining Sahaya my thought was helping others means giving money or doing some work and that will give a lot of satisfaction and happiness, but after joining Sahaya, what I thought was completely wrong, it gives only a little satisfaction.

So after few days in Sahaya, got a new thought as 
“Spending money for helping others will give you a little satisfaction but spending some time with the children to develop them will give you an immense satisfaction. “

The above quote is dedicated to Sreeram anna, who is the person inspired me to come forward in any situation, either it is positive or negative, decision making is important and should be the perfect decision on which everyone keeps a hand. The core team members’ dedication should be appreciated a lottttttttt…….

My experience towards Sahaya is “giving something to some one will give you some thing in return”. If we impart our knowledge to the children, in return they also teach us something in many ways.

My first session started at Gowdavelli ZPHS and now continuing in with ZPHS Kukatpalli. The students in the schools were very active and they were in the spirit of learning new things. When I was going to a class 7th T/M in gowdavelli, I heard some words from one student telling others as “Sahaya anna vaalu vacharu eesari kotthaga em cheptharoooo”. The curiosity made me to tell them something new for the students and made them play a game and started preparations for august 15th events.

The most awesome session was ZPHGS Narsapur, where students are very well disciplined and curious to listen.

Days have passed in Sahaya, volunteer interactions started called Maithri, and we had some wonderful meetings. The clear picture of Sahaya started as improvements in the existing process. After few days, Sahaya library was started with a great campaigning process in various colleges around the city.

Every time organizing innovative events for the school students has helped us a lot and career guidance sessions to the volunteers such as mock interviews, experience sharing, and interactions with experts was beneficial to all the volunteers.

Thanks to Eshwar Babu (my senior in school, inter, and forever) for letting me join Sahaya.

Come                                Join us                                  Educate

Srinath Reddy P.