A Year Gone by... '09

As we are about to step into new year, we would like to thank you for your support and look forward to working more closely with you in the days ahead.

What started off as a small Endeavor to help the children by providing them with basic English and computer knowledge, has now grown into a network of volunteers who help about 600 children across 7 schools in and around Hyderabad. Our greatest strength lies in the fact that we’ve registered a tremendous growth in the number of man-hours we spend with every child. The number of volunteers associated with us has increased to 100. The response of the schools has been very encouraging.Our intention aimed to allay the fears of englis language. We have setup and updated our syllabus based on our experience over the past years.
The past year…
SAHAYA is a youth volunteer network, which began with the lucid aim of making a difference in the society. This crusade against the unjust plight of underprivileged tots was fueled with the zeal to make it a reality. To many, this was a wake-up call; the concept begot a whole new genre of people working selflessly for one aim. The response we got after our first Anniversary Celebrations ever session on March 18, 2009 was both overwhelming and humbling at the same time. More than 100 ppl joined as volunteers, dedicated to the motto of “bridging inequality through education”. From then, SAHAYA was on a continual hike in the success-graph;

The events of the past year, right from the first session of SAHAYA, has played a very important role in bringing to the forefront our vision and ideology.

January & February : Sahaya sessions in NEW GOVT HIGH
SCHOOL with 8 members.

March: Sahaya celebrates its first anniversary on 18th at "Shivananda rehabilitation orphan home for children" .

May: ZPHS kukatpally (HYDERABAD)
Thanks to MR.Shankarayya sir (HEAD MASTER, ZPTS) for given us opportunity help kids.
Sahaya Team Size : 40

August: Essay Writing & drawing Comp ---- 15 Aug Celebrations.
Sahaya Team Size: 60

November: Children 's day Celebs.
Sahaya Team Size: 80

December: Sahaya In Media. An article about sahaya in EENADU daily.

Apart from all this, our accomplishment lies in the fact that we are now proud teachers to some very smart minds. It especially makes us swell with pride to say that we have covered over 7 Schools spent meaningfully in imparting quality education to the children! With figures looking very bright and the growth moving upwards steadily, SAHAYA dreams of soaring to greater heights in the near future.

We do not believe this to be a charity; we feel this is our duty, our obligation.

Wishing you a very happy, healthy & successful 2010

Warm New Year Wishes

The Tour (30-11-2009 to 4-12-2009)

Around 250kms away from the Hyderabad , its a small village , excellent atmosphere , one big ground, this is about a small introduction to ZPHS veldurty (guntur dist), Its always a great feeling when we do something good to our mother land,  Some NRI’s decides to do the same thing and starts doing projects in that school providing infrastructure,sanitation,computer education, conducting sports and cultural fest and they named these one week celebrations as ZPHS community “mahostavalu”(celebrations), veldurty. Luckily i got invitation from Mr.Ravinder reddy (Main member in community  and Sahaya 

HR’s uncle as well) to take some classes to the ZPHS veldurty students.
As I started with my pals Mr.Dharani Kumar and Mr.Srinivas, According to the schedule we suppose to take classes on 30th onwards... We enjoyed the nature,nativity and some traditional spicy food of “Palnadu”.... six days six different experiences to me... here we go...
Day 1,2,3 : Computer class to 8th, 9th, 10th students respectively

Myself went to {8th A sec,9th B sec, 10th B sec} , Dharani and Srinivas went to{ 8th B sec,9th A sec, 10th sec } while we entering into the every class students starts singing like “ goooood morninggggg sirrrrr” ,I started the proceedings with a little smile on my face. Personally this is first time to take up one class for whole day with one subject. It was very difficult but I judged it well to conduct some competitions, discussions, dictation along with practical and theoretical class. Students of ZPHS veldurthy are hyperactive and proactive.

Day 4,5 : Sports Fest

Mr. Chanukya joined me the last couple of days, Me and chanukya(Asst HR of sahaya) gave some training to the students, We actively participated in most of the gamesJ as a referee, scorer but not as a players , sun burning out all the day but we never drop our energy levels and encouraging all the talents, I impressed with senior kabaddi team from ZPHS veldurty, plenty of talent but lack of resources which makes me hurt a bit.  These two days are the most awaiting days for the students in every year.
Day 6 : Annual Day Celebrations

Well, Everything goes according to the plan as per the invitation many of the Village officials ,Panchayiti Heads arrived into the school @2pm , Sorry to say I didn’t remember anyone of the names but I observed one person who got the “BEST TEACHER AWARD” from Guntur dist, his words were adorable every child shows their attention towards his speech after some time suddenly crowd gets excited I turned back, One dynamic personality stepping towards us, its none another than fun star “shiva reddy” children gets excited they stopped listening to the speeches and everyone shouting shiva reddy, afterwards he steals the complete show with his awesome talent, his gestures, art of mimicry everything was fantastic to watch… some stubborn dance performances by the students which makes  mesmerizing. At the end of the day every student came to me and they took my phone number which makes me happy....

Best time : I got positive feedbacks from every Student of ZPHS veldurty
Worst time : I hurting my right index and thumb fingers while im playin volley ball…
Special thanks : Mr.Ravinder Reddy, Mr. Laxma Reddy for giving me the opportunity to participating in this memorable event.
2)Mr .Rajshekhar, He suggests my name to his uncle
3)Mr.Dharani and Mr. Srinivas for thier company in first three days, they helped me alot in all aspects.
4)Mr.Chanukya , He is very handy in last few days especially in sports and cultural fests.
Personally, this is the event which makes me little bit consicious about few things and we got some sort of experience in
1)How to organise an event?
2)What are protocols that we have to follow before doing an event?
3) Cost estimation
If possible and things gone well then sahaya will adopt this school and runs with Engg students from Newton college of Engg(macharla)
Thanks to all ZPHS veldurty community members, students and villagers...


Sahaya Guru's - An article in eenadu local Hyderabad edition

Happy Children s Day.. :-)

Millions of Indian kids will celebrate Children’s Day while almost the same numbers of kids will be picking bins and selling articles or even skin. After all this is just another day for India.

But it is not just a day for SAHAYA kids..... They had their day out there....

Date: 13|11|09
Event: Children s day - Essay writing competition.
Venue: ZPGHS & ZPBHS narsapur.
Members attended(Sahaya team): Me, Lavanya, Rajsekhar, Kesavi, Srinivas & Veda Vays.
Number of students attended: 220 students of 9th and 10th standards.

Every thing has been scheduled on 12th nov at our camp office(sree flat) after the final negotiations vth our sponsor in which President,Hr and some important person of the society was participated and president instructed us to b there at balnagar by 8:15am but our creator has created the new schedule and asked us to b there at balnagar by 8:00am but by the time we reached there our creator as well as Mr.Perfect proceeded 2 narsapur and it helped us a lot in the later part anywayz creator is creator he surveyed all the soils of narsapur 4 us.

without wasting anytime we proceeded to girls school n me sidetracked my route 2wards police station to arrange 108 for demonstration part and by the time i reached the school with vehicle children were already given da instructions to follow and students felt excited to know abt 108 and they even raised some doubts while the 108 personnel explaining abt the things that they face in real time and there after we conducted essay writing competition for children in vch hidden talents of the children were mined.

After doing with evaluation part we distributed prizes to children and proceeded to zphsb completing with thanks giving of the school management and carried out the same process even at the boys school.

Highlights of da day:
->Participation of each n every students in all competions and activities.
->Both print media and electronic media queued to cover the program.

Backlogs of the day:
we miss our president,vice president even bala n harsha and our Hardware Engineer

We could do even more events than this.. However, with the limited resources and limited man power we have done our best. Expecting more and more of these events......Thank you all...


1 day, a big ground, a Rs 200,00 budget, 300 hundred students, 50 volunteers, 45 degree celsius temp, 1 genuine celebrity, professional dancers, a big parade, a 312 hour delay in blogging about it and numbers don't tell 1/100th the story!!

But SAHAYA just actualy set the new bench-mark in AWESOMENESS_

Sorry about the overdose of superlatives, but then super events are described in superlatives I guess :) …The independence day event was so cool, the effects so profound, that a day after wen I'm blogging about it, I still get goose bumps it was defenitaly the biggest "KICK" I've gotten from activites made in SAHAYA!! Now I gess I shoud stop dragging and get on with the reporting...:)

Here we go…on the 15th @ ZPHS(Gawdavalli), we are in school around 9.00am (v are supposed to b there by 8.30.. v are late which should be not done according to SAHAYA rules book) any ways we were ready with the speech, essays writing and drawing winners finalized, gifts packed...

Students of ZPHS came to school after a long march in the Gawdavali village. Thesession startd.. Grama sarpanch was called as the chief guest and in their presence HM of school Mr. Sajauddin hosted the flag.. continued with some speech's, songs and dance programs...

HM of the school startd with the speech by thanking all the chief guests and called SREERAM (president of sahaya) on to the stage and gave a place along with the chief guests. (can view images in my profile :) ). He introduced SAHAYA to all the members who visited that place including chief guests, parents and village ppl..

Patriotic fervor was seen at its best when the student of school sang a Hindi-Patriotic song. He was ANJI, best @ his performance. He got many fans in sahaya team. There followed by yasmeens speech and many other students speech in hindi, telugu and english.On behalf of sahaya team there was speech by Gayatri and Shrvya which was excellent.

Now its the show ....

Navya Bagam startd announcing names of the winners in essay writing and drawing competitions. winners are provided with gifts by the guests who attended the eve... :-( bt rain interrupted the smooth going event, however it was all went nice within short time. Finally management distributed some refreshments for us along with the students of the school. This was brief happened @ ZPHS Gawdavalli Independence day celebrations.

I would like to thank each and every one for making the event a awesome one.
More specifically :
  • SREERAM huh hez the crucial man behind this success. SreeRam u made it. thank you very much. I think with out you this event coudnt be a successful one. Thank you once again.
  • Thank you Harsha (my driver :) ): He was very handy for me in packing gifts, and in all aspects.
  • Thank you Nischal and karun for preparing and helping Children s in Telugu speech.
  • Thank you Navya Nithyanand for preparing and helping children s in Hindi speech.
  • Thank you Sindhu Priya and Lakshmi priya for preparing and helping children s English speech.
Thank you each and every one of core members - volunteer - all supporters, well wishers for providing their valuable support on and for Independence day Celebrations.

A day at the school :-D

Hello ppl!
Today was a different day for me,a bit unexpected.Just when i thought of concluding today as the most boring day of my life i was suddenly rushing out of college to go and help out the sahaya members with the independence day program being conducted at kphp gowdawally(pardon me for my spellings!!!).It was awesome to see all the kids so excited to participate in everything.There was an essay writing & painting competition conducted in the morning which i as usually missed(i generally miss the best moments),but according to the other volunteers present there it was a huge success.My friend told me that there was also a kid who actually drew his headmaster n proudly presented it even though it was nowhere near understandable...whats important is that they had the courage to show what they felt which is never done these days.Most of the kids participated in it.Well they are yet to be corrected n prizes will be rewarded for the best three.....hmm i should have written one.I entered the school in the afternoon and was really amazed that they recognised me.I was supposed to write an essay in Hindi(amen!)...i did write it though i nearly pulled out half my hair getting the spellings right.Finally i completed it....it was not so bad after all... they were girls who wanted to sing songs and were already ready with different songs...wow!...there was a boy who sang sobeautifully that he should be competing in one of the TV shows.Children came up to me showing me their self written speeches,it was truly encouraging not only for their fellow students but also for me.Nobody wanted to be left out and nobody backed out.All they needed was a little encouragement and that's what we are here for.i never knew i could handle anything and here i was handling kids.I'm proud of myself for that.;-) on the whole it was was a ...hmm...gr8 but unusual experience.

These children if put in the right track have great potential.They have talent that most of us lack having studied in private schools not to mention with more than enough facilities provided.i hope we are able to help them help themselves.i am so glad i am able to put to use my otherwise self centered life on making the future brighter for these children.This organisation isn't just any other organisation that pretends to help.We don't spoon feed them we help them realise their true potential by their own hard work.Well before i get too sentimental let me introduce my self....I'm just another girl who goes by the name navya nithyananda,a volunteer who hopes to give these children a hope to prosper....And I'm glad i"m a part of sahaya :-) thank you sree ram,thank you srikanth,thank you dharani,n of course thank you rajshekar...

Xperienced another fabulous day

Its an end of a fabulous day, our sessions in ZPHS KUKATPALLY were conducted very well with the support of knowledge-equipped volunteers though they were some issues to rectify with they will be negotiated by next week,from last 2 days im not even in contact vth anyone of my friends in Hyderabads circuit bcos of a heart touching event then from thursday I started of calling the volunteers to check out their availability.A fews days before when i took charge as Sahaya's Executive member i used to ask volunteer to provide me with reasons when they r not willing to attend the program on that particular saturday, and there is the case only 10 of us had struggled the whole day to manage whole school but as the days passed by situation changed to an xtent that now im calling to a volunteer for just an intimation not for listening to their silly reasons.

Now im in a postion to state that

->Seven of the core members sat aside due to volunteer flooding
->Nearly 23 new members were sincerely rejected r kept aside for next week
->Managed 15 sections i.e nearly 650 students successfully
It is not a single night achivement its a combined achievement of all of us

I sincerely appreciate

->All the core members of Sahaya particularly Spidey,Tom n Jerry
->All the teaching and non teaching staff of Sahaya

I sincerely thank

->Dr.Purushoththaman for his support
->Mrs.Neelima,Mr.Ashok(our Public relation representatives)
->Mr.RamaKrishna for his class to our volunteers]
->Varun for introducing us to many people of www


Our voluneer Mr.Eeshwar was promoted as COLLEGE HEAD(hitam) he is going take charges from Mr.Rajasekhar Vajrala this monday

Awesome day...:)

All together it was a funny, awesome and huh typical day... it was a mixed experience for me..

The days starting was a big hurdle |```| for us... The big man principal changed huh Again we got a big deal to make him know abt sahaya, what actualy we do and how.. Finally sreeram, rajshkar and dharani made this job simple and sessions startd smoothly @ 11.00am..

Further moving on it was even big hurdle ..5 Classes( 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10 classes), around 600 students with 35 volunteers(20 of them are newbies).... With having a prepared schedule in hand all the senior volunteers scattered to their assigned classes. @ the same time me and Jagadish started induction class to folks, new people :D

They were all worried about what actually they need to do, how to do and when.. I hope after the session progressed they got a gud picture about all those questions... It was a awesome day b'coz Mr. RamaKrishna (Cousin of sreeram) made his time to visit ZPHS.. It was not awesome with visit however it was awesome becoz of his speech and motivation. With his speech about what actually social service is and how dedicated we need to work, all the volunteers are almost got motivated.. He gave a mantra to lead a beautiful lyf..i.e
"Be Honest to what ever we do, by being honest we could be Punctual an by
being punctual we will be Committed towards what ever we do.."

Moving on further it was about 12.30pm lunch time for kids @ ZPHS... and all the senior and newbies gathered in a room for more discussions and tips from Mr.RK (Ramakrishna)
There were lot of helpful tips coming from him.. how to deal the class..how to deliver in huge number of ppl.. how to grab kids attention towards us....

>> Firstly making the class settle with in 20 sec..if not settled pleasingly request them to be settled and with in the same time even we(volunteers) need to be settled to the classroom atmosphere..

>>Position of standing in the classroom while delivering any session which should be audible to all the students in the class room.Usage of podium effectively and to grab every ones attention walk to the center of the class with 5min intervals of time..

>>Partition of black board in to two parts .. Left side we need to write main points not entire description and on the right side we need to put on figures and numerical.He even gave a practical explanation behind doing this...
------since our right brain could capture images which makes kids to concentrate more.. bcoz 1000 words of speech will be equal to one image..To make us understand more effectively RK conducted a activity.. That helpd us to understand practically.

>>Do not write every thing on board and try to look at the class for every 40 sec interval.
>> The most impotent tip of the day was.... according to practical experiences kids @ age of 10th standard will have concentration levels stays 50% i.e about 20min.. and we need to make max with in this time..

>> There will be few distractions in the class from few kids and we should not be carried out by them... we need to break out our concentration from them and move on..
There were even lot but this is short and sweet...

After this special non regular session we were again on to track of our schedule. English classes to 10th classes. Wow it was a worm welcome for Sreeram to their class by 10th Girls..Look @ the way they welcomed...
It is "WELCOME TO SAHAYA" written by Keerti (Shez my student..SAW catagory..) .There are multiple talents that are hidden in them that need to be traced and showcased. All the members from SAHAYA team must trace the students according to their talents and make a note regarding those kids... huh there on the clasess went on smoothly and after that there was a Team meet to let new volunteers regarding sahaya objectives and rules... thats all for the day...

Tea Party..

Tea party with ZPHS teaching and non teaching management.

Talk about what we do, sahaya methodology & Curriculum, request for the co-operation from teachers and management.

The main objectives of this meet was to make teachers and the school management know about what sahaya would like to do and how. Teachers were not aware of exactly what we were doing till now and they had little confusion about our schedule.

we had a very different day sahaya team had an official tea party with not only the principal but also the entire faculty of the school. With in the presence of entire management sahaya team actually explained in details what are the factors, help we are expecting from the faculty and management in the course of our term in the school. We have also discussed some of the important factors we are planning to do in the coming days for the students to improve their thinking ability, general knowledge, memory power and obviously confidence levels.

We were really amazed with the response we received from the school faculty. They even gave us many suggestions like the valuable information regarding student’s level of understanding and what they have been observing for the past few years of their experience. They even said that if these sessions which we were going to take are going to improve their pass percentage and life skills they will do be happy to give their part of support. Even the school principal was very happy to hear what we said and said that he was very grateful to receive this kind of help and support from us.

We even had very good news regarding the 10th class students that the present batch is very good and listens to class attentively and also asks doubts. Teachers were really very happy when we said that we shall be trying to improve their pass percentage.



The main aim of sahaya is training overall development among the students. It means physical,mental and social development. SAHAYA launches their program for this academic year 2009-2010 at Zilla Parishad High School,Kukatpally,HYDERABAD.

Our sincere thanks to the school Head Master Mr.Shakarayya sir for giving this opportunity to us. On behalf of sahaya team we assure them that we will do our best to keep faith in us with discipline also in consideration.

It’s a strange experience while we entering into the school premises every one looking to us. According to our pre-planned schedule we started our session at sharp 1400hours. It is a common experience that anything done in a properly planned manner yields much better results than something done in a casual or routine fashion.

Since the idea of sahaya society’s plan envisages the preparation of a plan not by the head of the school alone, but by team heads, volunteers and every individual effort, it is expected that its implementation will be effective. It is necessary to call meetings of all concerned at regular intervals to identify needs and assess resources to meet identified needs. It may not always be possible to prepare a comprehensive plan for the all-round development of a school at one stroke. But it should be possible to identify all conceivable needs of a school, and decide upon certain priorities.

This is a handmade box done by Mr. Srikanth, Mr. Bhanu Prakash and sahaya involving in the efforts of environmental preservation That’s why Box is made up of wood.

India can protect and restore environmental and natural resources by spreading awareness on such issues among its citizens. Teaching of environmental education can be an important vehicle. We have to create awareness about the environment and an attitude of caring and sharing of natural resources in the minds of those children who are the future citizen of our nation.


SAHAYA launches a program called “GREEN GLOBE”

The main objectives of this program are to educate children about their immediate environment and impart knowledge about the eco-systems, their inter-dependence and their need for survival, through visits and demonstrations and to mobilize youngsters by instilling in them the spirit of scientific inquiry into environmental problems and involving them in the efforts of environmental preservation.

There is a need to create consciousness of the environment which must permeate all ages and all sections of the society beginning with the child. Environmental consciousness should inform teaching in schools and colleges and should be integrated in the entire education process.

The specific aspects to study would be
1) To find out the most decisive factors in creating environmental awareness
2) To assess the importance of education in creating environmental awareness
3) To find out if education in school is training an environmentally friendly behavior
4) To assess the resulting level of environmental awareness in India
5) To assess the actual level of environmental friendly behavior.

Not surprisingly, through this concept of green globe Sahaya reported that the emphasis of the efforts was rather to create awareness on environmental issues and to give the children concrete suggestions how to behave in a more environmentally friendly way than explaining the scientific background of environmental problems.

Author & Event Co-ordinator : B Sreeram


SCHOOL is one of the most important institutions in any society. It is set up by the community for its development. So it is the main responsibility of the school to bring up children as good and responsible social members of the society. The social development and development of the nation mainly depends on the education system. The success of any education system mainly depends on its organisation,management and administration .

"SCHOOL is a co-operative society where many agencies work in the interest of the society"
"The SCHOOL may be regarded as a social invention to serve society for the specialised service of teaching the young" OTTAWAY

One of the main objective of SAHAYA is Supervision i.e.,Supervision is in a sense the backbone of educational improvement. Educational supervision caters to the needs of improvement of educational standards. Through supervision, it is possible to know whether the alloted work is done on proper lines or not. Here SAHAYA analyse the reasons for delay of work and provide proper guidance. Appreciation and proper encouragement should given to the students at all the time. Supervision should be done on democratic lines and it should act as a friend, guide and be sympathetic towards the persons involved in the work.

So this time SAHAYA brings out the all experiences and ready to take up a new challenge with new innovatives. So we are following a new methodologies and new ideas to make an impact on each and every student. ZPTS kukatpally (HYDERABAD) this is the place where we have to improve in many ways in order to assure the quality of education and its importance.

Our sincere Thanks to MR.Shankarayya sir (HEAD MASTER, ZPTS) for given us immense support and help which we asked for the school children's bright future.

Sahaya's 1st Anniversary Celebrations

Sahaya celebrates its first anniversary on 18th March at "Shivananda rehabilitation orphan home for children" . Sahaya team visited the orphan home at around 5.30pm.

We first entered a corridor termed as 'Study place'. There were around 30 students and nearly 3 volunteer members.

Going ahead, one of our team member introduced about Sahaya Society.

Then one of the students in that school introduced her self as a singer and started singing some slokas following her all the remaining children have joined her. We were amazed with their co-ordination between them. After that we distributed fruits orange & bananas which we brought with us to all the 30 students. We started interacting with them like knowing their interests and talking about their spare time activities. In a mean while one of the kid named srikanth, showed us his collection of drawings, following him even some more kids started showing their drawings. Our turn was only being amazed by looking at those kids drawings. They were so cute and very nice.

One of the girl shouted "Shafi bhayya can you dance for us ! Plz." then the other girl started playing a song from the audio set which they use for recreation in spare time. then every one got up and started dancing and at same time some of the kids were showing us their magic tricks to us, which were very funny. By then it was 7.00pm and it was too late and we were supposed to up our session since this is exams time. Kids gave us a warm send off " Bhayya bye..! keep visiting us..!" and we have promissed them that we will be back soon with lot of fun activites including with carrier guidance and also promissed visiting them that reguraly after their exams.

We waved them bye and this celebration with orphan children will be the memorable day for sahaya members.

Activity Report for March-November, 2008

1. March 08
Venue: Govt. High School, MEDAK.
Activity: Induction program of SAHAYA
Students attended: 58 Students of 9th and 60 students of 10th.

2.March 08
Venue: Govt. High School, MEDAK.
Activity: General awareness class to 9th and 10th standard.
Students attended: 58 Students of 9th and 60 students of 10th.

3.April 08
Venue: Govt. High School, MEDAK.
Activity: Basic computer education to 10th and 9th standard.
Students attended: 61 students of 10th and 98 students of 9th.

4.August 08
Venue: Govt. High School, MEDAK.
Activity: Guideline and awareness regarding higher education .
Students attended: 61 students of 10th and 98 students of 9th.

5.September 08
Venue: Govt. High School, MEDAK.
Activity: Communication skills [Class talks & debts] to 10th and 9th standards.
Students attended: 55 students of 10th and 86 students of 9th.

6.November 08
Venue: Hyderabad institute of technology and management, Medak.
Activity: Book distribution to 10th standard students of Govt.High School presided over by the principle, HITAM.
Students attended: 60 Students in presence of head master and teachers of Govt. High School, Medak.

We thank one and all, who helped us in order to make our events a successful one.
Sahaya Team.