My Experience in SAHAYA's session of 2012 Academic Year.

Today I really felt very happy for being a SAHAYA volunteer. Today I have learnt a new concept on today's PAT, when i heard about PAT i was a bit confused in conducting the PAT. 

I am firstly thankful to the SAHAYA core team members for having faith in me and encouraged me for taking session on my own, because it's the first time for me to take a session on myself without any co-volunteer's help, i hope i did my duty to my best.

Coming to my Saturday's session.....
i have taken 9 T/M class and conducted PAT, i am very impressed by the response that was shown by the students towards SAHAYA. 
Even i have learnt from those students how to respect new persons and seniors, their dedication and concentration.

Today i have started my session by introducing myself to the students, and tried to interact with the each and every student.
And then i have explained about today's session topic regarding the PAT and explained the conditions of attempting the PAT(Test).
And i have seen an excellent response and whole-hearted attempt from the students for PAT.

Before starting the PAT i have seen some students being unable to understand the 1 line questions, i have seen some students who were able to read the question and tried to read them loudly in entire class and i explained the question to kids who were unable to understand.

**I have seen some students who are Hesitating to write the answers(words) in English, they were able to understand the questions but were unable to present the answers in English. So I suggested them to write the answers in Telugu(for which they don't know the answers(words) in English), and i have seen maximum students who are intelligent and very active in SAHAYA sessions.

After a long gap i have taken SAHAYA session( Even though I don't have leave, I have taken special permission from my office for attending my SAHAYA's session) and I am feeling proud to say that i am a SAHAYA volunteer.

- Once again i am very glad, on seeing the zeal and glow in the innocent faces who are eagerly waiting for SAHAYA session to be conducted.

*** I am very thankful for Core Team members and my dear co-volunteers. 

I hope there will be a day when SAHAYA can bring good standards among the kids in schools we teach.