Learning new things travelling with kids

I started my journey with Sahaya almost a year ago, my first session with 8th EM in ZPHS, Kukatpally.
Impressed by the dedication of the core team, I decided never to leave Sahaya deciding that I have to reach the same level in organizing sessions.

Few sessions in, I have heard about all the activities conducted by sahaya for children like Swecha for Republic Day and Independence Day which motivated me to involve and take part in it. All this time I was wondering "Where would I even take them to create a meaningful learning experience?” Then I heard about Field Trip which will help students to visit Engineering colleges and how it will help students for their future.

As soon as Eshwar anna and phani anna asked me to take permission from my college, I was so happy to take students to my college to show all the labs and projects done by my juniors. The plan was given by master planner Phani anna. As soon as I discussed with my Principal, she provided the necessary permissions for the field trip.

I'll never forget the students' faces as they were demonstrated about the IOT projects done by us and visiting our labs. Needless to say, wherever they went the students had a memorable experience and learned new concepts. Travelling with students made me to learn new things how a child's mind is, the way they think and relate everything to their day to day life.

This would not have been successful without the help of my college management; our faculty took interest in motivating children too, and especially my beloved faculty from BVRITH Mr.Priyakanth who explained them what is “engineering” and how to make their aim and goals successful in life.

I felt that the task of selecting and planning a field trip may not be as daunting as everyone thinks. This is what Sahaya has always done. Apart from their day to day life they give time for children to be clear enough about their future and educate them. I thank Sahaya for making me as one of the members too and giving me this golden opportunity for organizing the trip. I could definitely say that I am proud to be a part of it in building students for their better future. The field trips Sahaya are organizing are the best way to guide students about their future.

Finally, I thank each and every one who was the part of this successful event to make a bigger one and hope to continue this for years!!!!

This Children’s Day, we got exciting new catalog of books

With a wide range of new thing coming up in the world everyday! We gave a thought to upgrade Sahaya MyLibrary with a new catalog which would match the interest and requirement of underprivileged kids.

This Catalog would have the following series:
  • Amar Chitra Katha story books
  • Bi-lingual story books (English-Hindi) or (English-Telugu)
  • Children's Encyclopedia
  • Science Experiments

This is the series of blog posts about great books to give as gifts this season. This time we're going to be talking about some spectacular books.

These stories broaden kids' horizons, provide a fresh & a new perspectives, and open windows to new experiences: all the things that great children's books should do. In this spirit, we're pleased to announce the New Catalog of books adding to our MyLibrary initiative this year.

These books are wonderful way to introduce young children to the world of opportunities. We have fun activities to try after we’ve shared the stories with children!

Welcome to our NEWBIES!

Fortunately, I got the opportunity to welcome our new volunteer to Sahaya and I couldn’t thank my friends any less. Sahaya have taken all the possible efforts to handle sessions all the time with interesting sessions, comfortable events and engaging activities at the same time. Our eyes are set in the future and all we can think of is sharing joy of knowledge with kids.

I would like to give you a glimpse of what a #Volunteer is doing at a personal level, just to polish the efforts and make sure he/she is doing it just right!

First and foremost is the fair and transparent communication. Everyone is making sure that all the details and the latest updates are being shared with all the volunteers without any delay. Yesterday itself we got the newbies and we all put our hands together to congratulate them and also boost them for the upcoming Sahaya sessions. I congratulate all of them again!

Secondly, we ensure that all the responsibilities are divided into the different teams fairly and all of us connect every now and then to check on the previous tasks and assign new.

Our core team members ensured that we have exciting events and take-away’s lined up after each event. Hope to share you the insight of our regular offline tasks and we would really appreciate your presence at the sessions regularly. DO share your thoughts and feel free to share it across if you find it worth! My next article would be my take on the upcoming events with all the details and happening pictures(a MUST!).

Thank you for being Sahaya Members!
You can visit our Website (www.sahayasociety.org) or Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/sahayasociety/)

Teaching Leads to Learning

My passion towards teaching lead me to Sahaya...A place where we can share our knowledge by teaching. Those were the starting days of my +1, I heard about Sahaya from one of the volunteers of Sahaya. It created a special excitement which made to step  there after two long years. On the first day of session felt excited. There after every session I have headed with a bucket full of energy, which had different  experience from all  other routine days.

Here I learnt to speak with strangers which improved my communication skills.

I learnt to start listening to other people thoughts, ideas which improved my listening skills.

I learnt to start working with strangers which made me to understand the team spirit.

The most loving part is communicating with the kids in their style which creates a special attachment towards them.In the process of preparing for session and  in order to keep them concentrated and  make them to feel  different from their regular classes.

I learnt many unknown reasons for some scientific questions.These lead me to learning while teaching and here SHARING of knowledge had changed to EXCHANGE  of knowledge.

I learnt that every single person has their own talents which are hidden in them and so I learnt to encourage people. 

Time is the most precious one and spending that time with these kids and helping them to gain knowledge in many aspects gives us an immense satisfaction and make us quite different from others.

Proud to be a sahayan….

A Volunteer's Vision for Sahaya

My Vision for Sahaya
My colleague Ravi Teja would tell me about an NGO he worked with on the weekends where he would teach children in the government school. I wondered what made him so enthusiastic about the organization and wanted to know more about it. He invited me along with him for one of the sessions at the school so I could see for myself.
On my first day at Sahaya I learnt that many of these children were from homes which were suffering from poverty. Many of the children have part time jobs on a paper route or delivered milk to make ends meet. However, their enthusiasm toward knowledge was unwavering. This made me realize why Ravi Teja was so passionate about teaching these children and I too wanted to help them on their journey toward education in whatever way I can.
Picture: My favorite quote in the school “Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one”.
My favorite songs in Telugu is “Chaduvu Raani Vadivani” from the old movie “Atma Bandhuvu”. The song states “What is the point of education if you don’t have kindness and compassion in your heart?”. When I look at these children who always greet me with warm smiles and genuine gratefulness, I see that they already have what many people lack; a pure heart. This quality coupled with the determination they have to get an education despite the hardships and odds they face, will definitely make these kids the next Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Thinkers, Scientists and everything in between that could make the world a better place to live in.