Rain seems to kickstart ZPHS Kukatpally, moosapet, Gowdavally n Shamshiguda too :)

It wasn’t one of those perfect sunny days. In fact the day was a rainy one with flooded roads and traffic blocks everywhere which could make one lazy and lethargic and not really enthusiastic, especially if it was for doing something voluntary. Despite all this the first day of official SAHAYA beginning for the year began and ended on a great note. Amazingly all the volunteers turned up braving all the odds and bad weather. The dark depressing cloudy day was soon forgotten on seeing the curious cheerful bright faces of the children. All the kids (6th, 7th, 8th and 9th standards/grades in school) were excited to meet us and likewise the volunteers were equally excited at meeting them for the first time.
The days surpriizing moment is call for a meet by the school managment of ZPHS kukatpaly. We provided them with te years agenda based on the lessons we learnt past years and received few suggetions not exactly few bt many. Surprisingly, the aproach from management was really +ve and the meet session was just like charging up our enthusisam and buiding up confidence in us. Their suggetions and proposals were as same as our objectives and year agenda and are lot more about life skills motivation. After this exciting meet all the volunteers were having great enthusiasm and were very eager to start off the days great session.By the time it was lunch break and after Rajsekhars great efforts in allocating volunteers to all the classes not just in ZPHS K bt in Moosapet too. We all dispersed just for lunch and again grouped up for commencing the days most awaiting session.
The icebreaking session began with the usual introductions but with a twist. It was just like as below. After this exciting beginning, all the kids introduced themselves with great enthusiasm.

Volunteers in 6th and 7th faced the same experience as if they were in boxing court with 50-60 students fighting them.:-)
As a solution we took them to ground for a playing games.
Current Expression: 
hurreeey by kids:-).... 
and huffffffffff by volunteers....:-/
With some re leaf  we divided them in to teams to play Co-Co.
The cheerful kids with their enthusiasm and energy levels especially in the Co-Co game and volunteers along with newbies were great and had great day. The not so perfect day ended on a great note with each of the volunteers having had lots of fun, more then fun they had great challenges in first session and looking forward with eagerness towards spending more time with these little ones.


Third year of sahaya saw a great response from the people who broke the barriers of cast, creed and religious differences and came together to empower little kids through education so that such superficial things would not influence their decisions and judgments in the future. Number people turned UP for joining SAHAYA this year.

We started off, BANG ON this year with cricket match with volunteers who out played and the other week we started induction in 3 centers with bunch of volunteers who were more enthusiastically turned up dedicated sweethearts filled with gusto. The induction went smoothly; with kids welcoming the teaching volunteers with warmth and helping us bring a sense of mission and purpose in our lives.

This year goes like this
English Project:
The English Project is the primary project that SAHAYA runs in every centre that we engage with. The following are the details of the project.

SAHAYA uses the ENGLISH for schools curriculum, a basic Series for teaching English, prepared by SAHAYA editorial team. This consists of various levels of program.

Computer Project:
Through the Computer Project we hope to teach basic computer skills.

Personality development and awareness:
These are structured awareness and exposure building programs. Every month, specific programs are organized towards career awareness and general awareness including workshops,talent programs etc. They increase general exposure, give the children an idea of various career and higher education options and also motivate them to perform better by understanding the various opportunities that lie ahead.

  • 7 active months in a year
  • 2 sessions per week, each 2 hours long
  • 7 months X 4 weeks X 2 classes = 56 classes a year = 112 hours / year
So Sahaya 'ns be creative, give out your best with great enthusiasm. Volunteers enroll every class in log books that will be maintained by School heads and post your feedback in orkut and blog with out failure on the same night. Feedback format in orkut posts will be revised soon based on syllabus that we will be following for this academic year.

Cheers SAHAYA 'ns......:-)