Its a great feeling that I have been part of Sahaya for 3 years and running towards 4th year :-). Am very interested to participate in events since childhood. But after joining in Sahaya, I  came to know that there is more joy n satisfaction in making children to participate in the events.Its been a pleasure to guide them through the whole process from choosing a topic, finding the inputs, what to do exactly in implementing it. 

                                      As I joined Sahaya at the time of Science fair event, I took only two sessions for children and later went a roller coaster ride with children for Science fair event. I could say that those were my best days till date. Travelling to narsapur with my co-volunteers was rather fun than risky. Kids in narsapur were highly talented n amazing. Before we could explain the topic completely, they used to come up with more innovative ideas.

Preparation for 2011 ::
                                        Keeping faith in me, our creative head gave me a task named “ Chart Sahaya ” where basics of English like parts of speech , tenses etc were clearly explained in charts . In the absence of our co-volunteers I organised a meet regarding this and it didn't go futile because of my co-volunteers ideas and suggestions.
                                           Next our core volunteers came up with the idea of  Flash Cards. Main concept behind this is that we grasp 80% more by seeing than only listening .Rhyming words, family members, week days and month names were prepared on flash cards. On a piece of  cardboard, on one side a word will be there and its respective picture is on the other side of flash card. Children were also quite interested learning in this way and this is also one of the quick learning techniques.

Second year ::
                                I was in contact with Sahaya offshore this year due to employment but with the regular updates in fb, got the clear picture of whats happening. Library setup was done in this year and I think it’s a great achievement since kids should have sources to guide them. Am glad that am part of this library setup as I have participated in the book collection drive in a college                    
                                 Things have changed this year. I could see more involvement of volunteers than core members. Field trip was conducted in Hitam college for second time in complete control by volunteers. Many new volunteers  joined who were very passionate to be part of Sahaya.

Third year ::
                            Collage event was conducted for republic day celebrations. In this event kids participated actively and showed their talent. Recently Maithri 5th annual celebrations were held at dholari dhani where everyone got a clear picture about Sahaya :: Journey, progress till now , things to be achieved, in addition to all these dedication and commitment of volunteers will be crucial part of success.
Finally in these 3 years I learnt ::

   L isten attentively
   E ncourage others
   A lways participate
   R espect u'rself and others
   N ever give up

Personaly n professionaly am benefited by Sahaya in many ways.
It’s a weekend stress out-buster . Spending some time with kids gives an immense satisfaction.
We learn many things while teaching them.
Increases your communication skills.

This year action plan is in progress, hope to see many helping hands to complete our missions in enriching the kids .
Thank you
- Divya