Put the power in the learner's hands




Despite years spent in the classroom, more than half of grade Six children cannot read a simple paragraph at the grade 2 level. Yet, after only few sessions of instruction in reading activity, almost 80% of participants become readers, in that they are able to read simple stories.

Every session at Sahaya we start with a strong determination of strengthening the basic Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills which will enable them to pursue their academics in a better way and to gain knowledge by reading and learning things on their own which interests them.



These kids are exceptionally talented to learn multiple languages at their very early ages. Most of these kids struggle with the grammar rules and in turn they start to hate the language itself. The trick is to make them learn spoken language first and then turn them to Grammar but not the other way around.

To equip them with better learning ability we plan different events which try to improve their interpersonal skills and increase their confidence which is much needed for accomplishing their day to day tasks in a better way!



Mylibrary: Books are always a great source of learning, if kids are equipped with reading skill then they can select a book of their interest and read. Our target this year is, to make libraries accessible to all the kids of all the schools we are operating in.


Swecha: Giving freedom to the thoughts of kids, through Swecha Events we try to create a platform where they can show their skills and identify their hidden talent. (Read our recent event report here.)

KA Lite: E-Learning and visual learning is one of the more effective ways of making kids understand a given topic. Our plan is to make KA Lite available to kids so that they can go through the basics repeatedly whenever they need and when we are not available.

We want to be a source of guidance to them by answering their queries and as a point of contact where they can reach out for any suggestions.


At Sahaya we meet like minded graduation pursuing students as volunteers and in the process of teaching they gain and exhibit a great adaptive nature, showcase teamwork, and superb interpersonal skills unknowingly.

Enjoying the essence of learning while teaching.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make life by what we give" given by Winston Churchill suits to every volunteer of Sahaya. The satisfaction which we get being a Sahayan is immense.

The ‘growth mindset’

We are very fortunate to get a chance to organize events for Swecha2K15. Swecha is about what more we can do with young people from an early age to inculcate and teach a passion for continuous learning and growth and observe how they are participating, reading, learning and improving their skills. Events should provide an opportunity for the students to think, imagine, analyze and implement which finally leads to learning.

Students who embrace a ‘growth mindset’ – those who believe they can learn more despite failure -- perform better in events than those who don’t. So, choosing right kind of events plays an important role.

Measuring ‘the learning gain’

The ability to learn, understand and retain are not fixed and can change and increase with effort, diligence and hard work.
Role play and Running dictation were the events conducted for Swecha 2K15. Role play was conducted for VIII and XI which was quite tough for them. It went good in all the schools but it might have been much better if they were given more time for practice in presence of volunteers at Kukatpally school. Student have shown interest and enthusiasm to participate but Telugu medium class students found difficulty while speaking English. They were ready to speak in Telugu and they requested to conduct role play in Telugu in few classes but after explaining the importance of English, they were convinced, tried their best and a few performed beyond our expectations. Few role plays were very impressive by creating suitable environment for given situation creatively.

Running dictation was simple which helped in testing their reading, listening and writing skills. We observed that the words which we gave for running dictation were out of their capability. They need to improve a lot in spellings. But there was an active participation in all the schools for this event.
Our team has done meticulous work in organizing events that rigorously measures the performance of individual students, and include awarding. Turn up from VNR VJIT, Maheshwara, MNR, MLRIT(NSS Team) is the sole reason. Heart-full thanks to everyone who have worked hard to bring such huge group of people into Sahaya. Hope they continue with us.

I’d welcome your thoughts and ideas – what should we do to improve on the concepts, research and evidence discussed above to get better outcomes of education.

-Mounika Kolagani 

I teach because I learn.

On a rather dull Saturday, some time in 2008, I woke up at 10:00 A.M in the morning to find couple of missed calls from an unknown number. Being the curious myself, I called the number back to find who it was, someone from an NGO called me up to visit their school.

I was planning to go to a movie that day, promising my friends that I will be back in 2 hours, went to the school. As Steve Jobs said, you can only connect the dots backward - perhaps missing that movie was the best decision in my life. Six years and counting, Sahaya has become a part of my life. Without humbly bragging about my achievements and other nonsense I will write why I love to teach at Sahaya !!!


On the first day of Sahaya, I would have never imagined that I will be writing this post.

I learnt how to take photos: I will never call myself a photographer but to create better memories of our efforts, achievements and appreciate fellow volunteers, somebody has to do it. (Un) Fortunately, I got this chance.
Who is doing this better now: Akhilesh Marathi

I learnt to listen: Whenever we ask volunteers to give some ideas, we get a lot of them - A LOT. Patiently listening to all our volunteers and give feedback to them requires good listening skills. Being the bad listener I am, I took almost four years to learn this skill.
Who always does this better: Eshwar Babu

I learnt how to be a team-player: We all love to be individuals, but sometimes it requires a collective effort to make things happen. The greatest example in Sahaya is setting up our first library. Everyone contributed, everyone helped, everyone succeeded.
Who always does this better: Every volunteer in Sahaya

I learnt how to communicate: Yes, I am a poor communicator even now, but I am far better after Sahaya. Talking to people, expressing your ideas, giving feedback require tremendous communication skills. Sahaya is the place where I learnt this.
Who always does this better: Divya Panjala

I(we) learnt to make things happen: Field trip - never done, Science Fair - never done, setting up a library - never done, using khan academy in classes - never done....All these were before Sahaya, we are making all these things happen. And of course, the satisfaction is immense.
Who always does this better: Sahaya

I learnt to make friends:  Sreeram, Srikanth, Dharani, Eshwar, Divya, Phani, pilla Sreeraam, Srinath, Anirudh - if I continue, this list will go on for pages together. Both on and off Sahaya, people who I have met in Sahaya have become "friends forever."

I learnt to learn: All those questions that kids asked, all those issues that we have to resolve, all those initiatives that we have to take - everyday that I am part of Sahaya, I learn something new, something that makes me better than yesterday.

"I teach because I learn and there is no better way."

Seven Years - And Counting!

Each year Awesome volunteers, supporters and dreams alike people, come together to share with us their passion towards Sahaya, unveiling the key to Organization success. always creative; always brave.

Most exciting day with some of the influential leadership team and volunteers, who inspire, teach, and guide us as we face the many challenges and opportunities which lie ahead in the future, in an event that gathered volunteers from all our schools.

A feeling of quality of our work is the amount of time we are willing to expend on it but also the fact that we are willing to take chances while doing it

Our mission is to discover, recognize, and promote the sparkling stars and effort of volunteers who create unique experiences that are useful, innovative, intuitive, and inspiring. This year we've gladly given this recognition to:

Best Volunteer Male 
Best Volunteer Female 
Best Emerging Volunteer - Male 
Kranti Rekha
Best Emerging Volunteer - Female 
Best Facebook Group Post 
Ravali Dara
Best Blog post 
Vinod Bala
Best Idea 
Aishwarya and Team
Best Team 
Nova Prabhu
Best Attire - Male 
Best Attire - Female 

Thank you Eshwar, Divya, Subhramanyam Aditya and Akhil, without your energy, knowledge and enthusiasm none of this would have been possible. Thanks!

A better way to grow up is SHARING

This year we had great team to lead us and new enthusiastic volunteers who showed their determination towards Sahaya. Words cannot even come close to expressing the gratitude working with such an amazing Volunteers and being a part of this wonderful experience. The compassion you show to the children is an inspiration for us all.

We’ve noticed how you treat children with respect and kindness, no matter what the situation is. You went above and beyond to make sure that our sessions or events we organize be it Swecha2K14, Teachers day, Empowering sessions, Reading activities, Computer workshops, organizing a book collection drive, and a career guidance session which are meant for enriching and empowering the next generation were all taken care of either through spending time or through contributions. Your words and actions go a long way toward helping kids be inspired and stay a life long learners. We want you to know that your work hasn’t gone unnoticed, and we are grateful to you.

It’s not for money, it’s not for fame,

It’s not for any personal gain,

It’s just to care and share knowledge.

It’s a feeling that you’ve been a part, of helping children enrich their dreams,

That makes you want to volunteer.

So thank you, being a part of our mission and for helping Sahaya be more committed and strong.

Career Guidance Program

Well it’s been a great year till now many great ideas turned from dreams to reality. And among them the one that stands out unique and exceptional would undoubtedly be the Career Guidance Program for class X Students.

On 21st February 2015, we conducted the Career guidance program for class X students at ZPHS Kukatpally. Harsha Vardhan Ayyagari, one of the senior volunteers has taken up the session with an interactive presentation, motivated many and to add on I can say that everyone present at session were motivated.   

The presentation started with how to choose a career path, how to know one self also included each and every aspect that one could choose or take up after schooling to be precise after 10th class. Harsha along with Akhil explained briefly about all the opportunities that one has after he steps out of his schooling. 

I still remember a girl named Soni came down to me and asked me what it takes to be a CARDIOLOGIST, well a small brain has started to think so much that actually motivated me to work more towards my career. And there was another who was so adamant that she wanted to only Polytechnic later followed by degree and then come back to the same school where she took this decision and help the upcoming students in their career. Her zeal and confidence made her lay the first stone towards her success. 

To end up I must say that it’s been a great day and a great session as well came to know about many things and learned many things.

The will to succeed itself is a key ingredient of success.