SPL @ Maithri '10

Yet another sweltering summer morning stretches lazily across the city, peppering the pavements with impressively balanced tender-Lime water around da ground and watermelon pyramids. Perspiration seems to be Hyderabads’s most resigned sighs are heard almost everywhere even as the day boots up – almost gathering here for SPL, for we do have some significant exceptions… :)

This refreshing experience of finding joy in building friendship through SAHAYA - Maithri '10 is excellent in Hyderabad by a core team, Volunteer members that not only believes the glass is half full, but also orders some chocolate cake to go with the yummy milkshake that’s no doubt in the glass. Now it looks like the team’s invaded this post to say hullo and to offer you a slice of not the cake – alas! – but their lives.

Venue: VSK grounds
Teams: 2
President XI & Volunteers XI

By the time every one gathered there at the venue the sun was all set and even brighter than any other day.:-(

Sreeram started off with his speech reg the event moto and sum instructions regarding the match. Teams were divided n given time to introduce themselves to one another. this was the main objective behind Maithri'10. Since volunteers are from various colleges they need to know each n every one before we ask them to work as a team.

Here’s Dharani Kumar. he’s the captain of the President XI team.

Don’t call me captain! It reminds me of Dhoni, and I hope I’m nothing like him! he exclaims.:-)

Oh look, there’s the perennially busy captain of VOlunteers XI Team


President XI Volunteer XI
Dharani (C) Chanukya(C)
Sreeram Raghavendra
Srikanth Vamsi
Harsha Vivek
Raj Bushan Shakeel
Akhil Election Reddy
Niklesh Ayyappa
Eshwar Srujan
Aditya Sandeep
Amer Sampat
Rajshekar Karthik
Nischal Praveen

*apologize if some one missed
Done with teams and we grouped to discuss abt our strategies...:-)
After discussions there was a coin tossing session... Volunteers team captain tossed da coin and we (President XI -Dharani(C)) lost the toss :-( they elected to bat First..huh.. then the GAME STARTS NOW...
Dharani and sreeram taking the charge to spread the field..(am not dat crickety..) Ooops I dnt know which position I was standing..
From the first ball Volunteers XI Team showed their aggressiveness with bats with scorecard ticking with high speed.. In addition to dat we were helping them in making score even easier with extras.. However, we managed to make them all out for 88 runs in just 9.2 overs.. with Sreerams pase, Raj Bushanams line and length and of course there was a part of Dharani's too... each shared 3 wickets....In the mean while almost my part was just as a spectator coz very few balls were coming my side ...Yah even I have done a run out and u know how it was DIRECT hit..WOW...dat was greatest moment for me..every one running to the pitch cheering....Done with first inings..

Mr. Raj Bushanam and Eshwar the opening pair from our team..we lost two early wickets..:-( Our most hopeful person..hard hitter..Mr.Sreeram was deceived with yorker by Raghu..:-( Here comes our team Captain Dhoni..Ooops Sory Dharani taking the responsibility of the team on to his shoulder fought till the end..along with Raj Bushanam..

Both of them got nice partnership and also the situation was almost like we were winning... then Raj got bowled by low bouncing ball..following him Dharani  gave a catch to Srujan(It as good catch:-( )
As like Indian team we lost our upper order batsman and it was now the responsiblty of lower order batsmen..However, even having STRONGEST persons like Harsha we coudnt make to reach the target.. we were all out for 74..in 14overs.

Thus celebrations started in the dressing room of volunteers XI team.
Recently Sachin tendulkar made a world record by making double century in ODI like wise Mr. Shakeel made a record tooo..do u know wat record it is... he drank a maximum number of lemon sodas on dat day..jus kidding..:-)

Some of da awards gien by sreeram...I have just copied them..

The "Best" Moments

Best Innings of the Day: Mr. Chanukya from Volunteers XI and Mr. Dharani from President XI
Best Bowling : Raj Bhushan from President XI and Raghu, Vivek from Volunteers XI
Best Catches: Harsha from President XI and Srujan from Volunteers XI
LiveWire of the Day : Shakeel from volunteers XI
Innocent Players of the Day : Srikanth(my self ) and Vamsi
Guest Players of the Day : Sampath, RajShekhar, Akhil and Nishcal
Best Fielders :
Election Reddy, Karthik
Handy Players of the Day : Ayyappa, Amar, Aditya, Eshwar, Sandeep
Refreshing Drink of the Day : Lemon Soda
and finally
Best Umpire of the day: Sreeram... himself declared as the best Umpire of the day hehehe

Excluding body pains, sunstroke, tiredness we totally enjoyed.. not just enjoyed more than njoyed... there was lot of team effort projected on the day....hope the same would be the result from the event that is going to b conducted for girls in next week....

So there! I’ve run out of time to give you almost every thing done on the day! And typing out this blog post.I’ve realised that we’ve quite a few players in sahaya.

So ciao for now, SAHAYA'ns! Make sure that those who missed this chance would never miss the chance for the next time.. coz there was......there is......there will be lot of FUN.. in these events..