!!!! 15 Feb 2014 !!!!

  • A unique day in the diary of SAHAYA.
  • A day SAHAYA stepped ahead to reach its goal.
  • A day that reduced the gap between students - volunteers - school management.
  • A day of joy and fun.

Why??  How??

“I learned many things in the ground that books didn’t teach me” - Sachin Tendulkar.
“Even an empty ground teaches more than a full book” - Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan.

These lines tell us how important sports & games are, in the process of learning. Today, even corporate companies recognized the importance of sports, especially team sports to develop the elements like team spirit, sportive spirit, fighting in odd conditions and many more and are encouraging employees to take part in team events.

SAHAYA, which always tries exploring and improving the talents of its children, will never forget or overlook such an important thing which helps children to achieve their goals.

SAHAYA conducted many events like JAM, Memory test, Drawing competition etc., to identify the talent of the kids.

Now it’s a similar kind of step by SAHAYA, that not only helps in identifying the talented students but also makes them resourceful . And that step is conducting a SPORTS competition. Even though it is limited to only one sport and to only girls this time, it is a good sign.

The day started for me with a surprise to see no volunteer in the school (ZPHS-KP) even at 10:00AM. After a long waiting other volunteers joined me. At around 12:00pm the arrangements started after taking the permission from the school management. Within no time the court was ready and the students were in the ground. Dharani (treasurer), who is good in volleyball, trained and shared his valuable suggestions and tips with the junior’s team (6th & 7th class). After the lunch break, both the teams were ready for the competition.

The game started with the words of encouragement from the principal, PET sir and Dharani. By 2:30pm, all the players, referees, score sheet (25 points) and audiences were ready for the action. The ball was first served by the senior team which got them 3 points in successive serves. Later the junior team opened their account and crossed the score of their opponents.

The match swayed in such a way that no one could guess who will win the match. At last, the senior team won the match with 26 – 24. The junior team fought till the last point but the result was not in their favor. With a small break both teams got ready for the next fight. Again a neck to neck scoring continued till 15 points then a girl from junior teams started to serve and brought 7 points in a row and everyone thought the game turned one sided, but senior teams bounced back when the serve was broken. Finally, the senior team won the second match also and emerged as a title winner.

Principal of the school presented the medals to the runners and  the winners and presented the winner trophy.

The boys came up for a friendly match where PET sir and Dharani also joined each team.  Sreeram and a school faculty joined Dharani’s team. The way Sreeram received the smash by PET sir and the blocking by the student got a good applause from the audience. Later, remaining volunteers also joined the play and had a very good time.

This event is supported by School Management, Sahaya Volunteers and a Team Lead from TCS through vol. Anuradha, who is playing a sponsor role in this event.

I end this post by conveying my heartful thanks to School Management, Anuradha and to all SAHAYA volunteers, who worked for making this event a success.
--Santhosh Kumar