Last year at Mythri 2k12 I was given the job to address the event and do the anchoring. As a part of it, when i was announcing the best blog post, I promised that I would be a part of the blog with my Post in it by Mythri 2k13. So time has come to express my experiences , feelings and ideas.

        Because of my family, teachers and God's grace I got good schooling and education. For several reasons i dint feel the essence of education and thought of passing  exams and hence studied for the sake of exams most of the times. Besides marks and percentages I learnt discipline and values to be followed in life. I came to know what education is really about only when I came to engineering, when I saw a few people around me.  Because of these people my way of thinking also changed. This is when I got a chance to join Sahaya.

        So after joining Sahaya, while attending the sessions, I understood what opportunities I had and which I dint make proper use of during my schooling. Here I found something very interesting. Children are waiting for some one to guide them and they want to learn and didn't have proper resources. I  know the importance of what I missed, besides having all the resources in front of me. Hence I decided to be a part of Sahaya and do my best.I have never been a part of any science fair during my schooling and  hence I know what exposure and confidence we would get if we participate in events like these.

        When Sahaya decided to organize science fair I felt very happy and the participation from the students was good and gave us the encouragement to organize science fair. To gain confidence we need to present our ideas in front of others and should communicate. This requires knowledge which we can be gained by learning. For learning we need guidance and this is what Sahaya has been doing since the beginning.

        I never dreamt of anything in specific and hence dint had specific targets to achieve. But I learnt that an individual should dream of some thing and as we grow we should set our targets to achieve what we have dreamt. I have no clue of how we can convey this to children. Yes, we can tell them inspiring and success stories of great leaders. But some thing that is visible and practical will help them a lot . This is when Sahaya decided to organize a field trip. The field trip in 2011 at HITAM college was the happiest and most satisfying event for me at Sahaya. This field trip helped the children to see how different things work and inspired them to aim for higher education and to set a dream for themselves to invent such things and thus contribute to the society.
        This is my understanding of how we can help children to realize  what education is all about and help them learn the basics through our team of Sahaya. It has been a great learning and realization of reality for me at Sahaya, that has helped me a lot to build my character and behavior. 

        Finally, thanks to all those brilliant brains  at Sahaya for your time, efforts and patience.