New Year New Ideas ..... A New Revolution

HEY viewers,
Happy New Year n a very happy solar eclipse day!!!
its been a year n a month since i joined "SAHAYA".unbelievable as it is for me "SAHAYA" from a handful members has extended to about hundreds of people...amazing how a handful of people can touch the lives of thousands... enough of philosophy for now ;-) well anyway back to the actual reason as to why I'm here... Republic Day(u guys know na when that is!!!)..just to make sure its 26Th JAN comes on a Tuesday... "SAHAYA" is planning to conduct fests in different schools i.e; we'll be covering about 1500 students,conducting sports fest and quiz competitions on(general sciences,numerical aptitude, current affairs etc etc) before the Republic Day...n then the prize distributions is on Jan 26th along with some patriotic speeches after that, Flag Hosting by School Authorities...all this takes a lot of planning, organizing n calculations,not an easy plz people make yourself more useful...put on Ur thinking caps, contribute new creative ideas or just contribute some of Ur time ... every little thing is valued in "SAHAYA"... spread joy its the best way to achieve happiness.. so people gear up n make it the most eventful day in those children's lives.... k then that's all for now ...take care n have a wonderful day ahead... cya :-D

Thank u all
Navya N"