Strong team work and enthusiastic children

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Generally in Sahaya we organize events based on the ideas from volunteers or from a team discussion. But out of the box this time we have organized ""Field Trip"" to DRK Engineering College on  request by a student from 9 class in Z.P.H.S Kukatpally.

Firstly as usual a wonderful effort from all the volunteers especially from DRK for their extravagant efforts in organizing this event successfully. Team work by the volunteers was the stand out factor in the whole event. Though they were given a short notice,they have organized excellently and made this one of the perfectly organized field trips in sahaya.

Secondly we'd like to heart fully thank the College management for permitting us to conduct this event.

I don't want to generalize the outcome of the event by quoting " Students were very happy,we could see happiness in their faces". The main intention of field trip is to give them an undercurrent encouragement and making them in getting exposure to the world which they will be stepping out.

Yes the children were happy obviously they would be and the fact which really made us happy was the response from students after the field trip.Initially when they were questioned on their interest towards engineering there were very less no. of students who answered it. But after the completion of field trip the response to the same question was excellent. That was enough for all of us because the purpose of their trip was fulfilled. The interest with which they were observing  labs and  the way they maintained discipline was very good

I would also congratulate the kids for being lucky enough to visit an engineering college even before their 10th  standard as many of us has entered after intermediate. This earliest exposure to the college environment would definitely create a mark in their minds and most of them take this as a factor of inspiration and continue further effectively.

Concluding,we collectively are very much thankful to the management of DRK for their continuous  support to the events of sahaya especially for the book collection drive that was recently organized in DRK which has produced a good no.of book.

On behalf of campaigning team we are very happy that one of the major events was completed successfully by the courtesy of a team work. Hope this support would continue further on the book collection drive which is going to be completed on NOV 10.

Team sahaya..... let us continue the same for the next nearest target (Book collection drive) as our work together as team would create wonders which is already a proven fact..

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It is well known that "Teamwork" can lead to better decisions.When "WE" work together it can complete tasks faster by dividing the work among ourselves based on different abilities and knowledge. In our Book Collection Drive, I have witnessed a great Teamwork in reaching our targets. Words were short after looking into last one month active participation from our volunteers towards the drive.

Every volunteer offered their unique knowledge and ability to help/improve other volunteers in our Book Collection Drive process. Through teamwork the sharing of these qualities will allow volunteers to be more productive in the future phases. One can visualize the passion of each volunteer from the below comments

"Let us not waste time. All the volunteers must get ready for the Mobile campaigning, if we are not permitted for the campaigning in the college premises.We need to finish this campaigning part before the vacation (Dussera) inorder, not to give a pause to the book collection drive."
 --Sree Sruthi
"We also have plans like going to any school in the mean time and asking them for comic books because being engineer student i know what books we have and what not so campaigning in school for books is beneficial than campaigning in colleges"
"Today me and Divya (out of our own interest) started the campaign SAHAYA BOOK COLLECTION DRIVE , about which most of the students at JBIET were not aware"
"The main reasons for collecting less no of books are
1) We haven't got any permission for campaigning
2) Most of them have promised that they would be bringing books, but haven't brought them"
"As discussed earlier OCT 10 will be the last day of the Phase 1 in campaigning. Hence we request all the representatives to update the status here about the book collection drive in your colleges"
--SAHAYA Campaigning Team
"122 Story Books, 38 English Reference books, 30 General Knowledge books, 12 Kids' Magazines, 8 Atlases, 8 Dictionaries, 8 self- improvement books, 5 books on Hindu Mythology, 2 Encyclopedia, 2 Novels..." 
"Today the response was just amazing. Many are interested to join as volunteers in Sahaya. I am sure that new volunteers will join with us in the next sessions"
"No further promotion process has been done in college due to exams and also gap because of holidays. We will be doing promotion from 17th i.e., after holidays. More books can be expected from college after holidays. we would like to continue book collection in college till the end of this month"
Hopefully this transition will move from "Make a Dream - Start your Team" to "Make your Team - Chase your Dream"

Sreeram Bhagavathula

The Day You Stop Learning Is The Day You Stop Growing

This post is inspired from the line “The Day You Stop Learning Is The Day You Stop Growing

I am overwhelming by the level of enthusiasm and the commitment from all the volunteers of Sahaya during on-going Book Collection Drive '13.

Sahaya Book Collection Drive ’13 is creating an opportunity to the Govt. School Children for easy access to their favorite ones. Starting from Dictionary to Atlas, Story books to Work books anything will be accepted in this Drive provided the condition of book should be reasonably well. Sahaya Campaigning team took up the responsibility of organizing this drive in and around 8 reputed colleges in Hyderabad and planned to make available these collected books to children on Nov 14th 2013 during its first phase.

The benefits of books are enormous, some books will inspire us, reading the stories and understand how they articulated, some of them will give immense courage and determination and stand as a great inspiration to go on and achieve our dreams. Reading is significant, everybody who wants to better their life should read a book every week infact every day, when we stop learning we stop growing and in this life we do one of two things, either we move forward in life or stay where we are.

The intention of this Book Collection Drive is a combination of many factors, where we have observed in our regular sessions on the significant impact in every student life. Some studies stated that in a single hour span, the average student will divide their time between listening to class, murmuring with their mates, monitoring their premises, completing homework in advance and many more. But here if we can add a component of “reading books” which will helps improve the concentration that helps to exercise and boost the memory powers because it encourages to remember characters, their backgrounds, ambitions, history and facts.

In addition, story books can engage students in a world which is miles apart from their own, here they can have a glimpse of what goes on in the lives of many fictional characters, where there is a great chance of experiencing empathy, sympathy and compassion, this definitely improves the “Power of Imagination”. There are lots of advantages of books where it will expand the awareness and knowledge, each book will make student more wiser and intelligent and in turn it also helps to improve their vocabulary. 

Finally, one can never stop learning and there is an endless supply of knowledge, information and entertainment available in the form of books. Please come forward and donate books at Sahaya Book Collection Drive ‘ 13.

Best Regards
Sreeram Bhagavathula