SWECHA - A Friendly spirit of competition and an incentive to progress

I always had a question..!
How to teach kids in the way they learn?

In search of answer to the question, we found "Crosswords" as one of the great ways for a kid  to develop their  vocabulary and spelling.

Kids were given few puzzles on sports, animals, professions and gruits. As expected, children were excited to participate in the event.  As soon as we started the event, their minds started racing, every kid went busy in solving the puzzles, thinking out of the box.

Few puzzles were above their standard but kids did not give up. They believed in a statement- "Never give up", tried to solve those puzzles and went successful.

Thanks to Volunteers!!! 

The support from all the volunteers was tremendous. In spite of few hurdles like time constraint, they all made it a well-organized and well-attended fun event.

Let us continue to witness the spark of kids..