My Opinion about sahaya

     I would like to thank sahaya team for inviting me for the event that is held on last saturday.I felt very happy for making this as good as possible by the volunteers of sahaya. Even I am a new guy for doing this event-they instructed me how to do it and they had given me a class for doing the event.I used to participate very actively nd I do it as well as the volunteers are very supportive.This is a good event i have done with the team and I wish to continue doing the events with sahaya.

Independence Day celebrations

 Independence Day must be one of the most important days in the Indian history, But for me the 15th August 2012 Independence Day celebrations will be the most memorable event of my life. 

My Experience:
On 4th August I along with few other Volunteers went to ZPHS gowdavelly, Being my first event with SAHAYA,  I was little tensed with the how the preparations are about to go, how the children would receive us? Everything was striking the chords in my brain but with the guidance of Mr. Eshwar everything seemed to go correctly.
The session started with the drawing Competition for all the high School Students. After the completion of session during collection of their Sheets I was really fascinated, mesmerized by their art.
A girl of 9th class drew ‘JANMA BHOOMI’ which even I didn’t remember, 
 On this note I would like to say, 
 ‘In Sahaya We not only Teach but We also learn.’
The team work shown by them in their work was lacking in ours. So, probably I would say Team work, Time management were the two most important things I learned rather than teaching them. The Experience was really wonderful and the one with children was fabulous.

      The above experiences have added much more eagerness and anticipation to the 26th January 2012 republic day celebrations. Expecting a lot of events like Skits, Role-Plays, Quiz, and Puzzles etc. I would love to volunteer in the events and if possible I would like to organize with my fellow mates.

I would like to urge all my fellow mates to take part and volunteer in the events because right from the childhood we had only known that Independence Day means hoisting of flag, distribution of eatables etc. that’s it, But that’s not what Independence Day means make the children independent i.e. to make them think on their own thus enhancing his life. Don’t make the child feel that he is intelligent make him feel that he is intellectual. Guide him in such a way that he guides and decides his future and that of the nation.

In the end I would like to thank the entire team of SAHAYA for believing in me and helping me in making this happen.

Anirudh Kasibhatla