My Opinion about sahaya

     I would like to thank sahaya team for inviting me for the event that is held on last saturday.I felt very happy for making this as good as possible by the volunteers of sahaya. Even I am a new guy for doing this event-they instructed me how to do it and they had given me a class for doing the event.I used to participate very actively nd I do it as well as the volunteers are very supportive.This is a good event i have done with the team and I wish to continue doing the events with sahaya.

Independence Day celebrations

 Independence Day must be one of the most important days in the Indian history, But for me the 15th August 2012 Independence Day celebrations will be the most memorable event of my life. 

My Experience:
On 4th August I along with few other Volunteers went to ZPHS gowdavelly, Being my first event with SAHAYA,  I was little tensed with the how the preparations are about to go, how the children would receive us? Everything was striking the chords in my brain but with the guidance of Mr. Eshwar everything seemed to go correctly.
The session started with the drawing Competition for all the high School Students. After the completion of session during collection of their Sheets I was really fascinated, mesmerized by their art.
A girl of 9th class drew ‘JANMA BHOOMI’ which even I didn’t remember, 
 On this note I would like to say, 
 ‘In Sahaya We not only Teach but We also learn.’
The team work shown by them in their work was lacking in ours. So, probably I would say Team work, Time management were the two most important things I learned rather than teaching them. The Experience was really wonderful and the one with children was fabulous.

      The above experiences have added much more eagerness and anticipation to the 26th January 2012 republic day celebrations. Expecting a lot of events like Skits, Role-Plays, Quiz, and Puzzles etc. I would love to volunteer in the events and if possible I would like to organize with my fellow mates.

I would like to urge all my fellow mates to take part and volunteer in the events because right from the childhood we had only known that Independence Day means hoisting of flag, distribution of eatables etc. that’s it, But that’s not what Independence Day means make the children independent i.e. to make them think on their own thus enhancing his life. Don’t make the child feel that he is intelligent make him feel that he is intellectual. Guide him in such a way that he guides and decides his future and that of the nation.

In the end I would like to thank the entire team of SAHAYA for believing in me and helping me in making this happen.

Anirudh Kasibhatla

one wonderful year in my life

Exactly a year ago I've stepped into the world which seemed to me like a place of hidden sentiments,pure leadership and fresh feelings.One year of journey has taught me "n" no.of things and had given me some wonderful and unforgettable memories of my life.As everyone remember August 15 as a day of independence but to me august 15 is the day of implementation and adaption of various skills and things.
 This was for the first time that i stood in front of 60 people and could able to speak few words.
 Who would expect that just after  joining  will get a chance to handle a huge event,which I did ie., "THE FIELD TRIP" to our college where I really found the inspiration and leadership skills from the core team .
Field trip was the first moment where I started to think of transforming my selves. I first started analyzing and adopting some good things from others.It was the day where I met one of the most dedicated and well reputed volunteers like KARUN,NEELIMA and that was the point where I started seeing the best volunteer of sahaya Mr.Eshwar Babu who organized and showed his profound skill called leadership.
 The outing from sahaya to the zoo was one of the most defining moments where I could find many of my best pals and got a chance to interact with many of the most experienced volunteers..If I have to rate this event I'd rate this 5/5 as it was the first trip with sahaya where I started transforming my selves.
January 26 was the day where I've learned the leadership skills by organizing the launch of My library in Z.P.H.S Gowdavelly.Thanx to each and evryone who supported me in that event.
Then came the most memorable event of my whole life which i'd never forget was the 4 ANNIVERSARY OF SAHAYA.That day I've received the best appreciations and compliments of my life from the core team.Though i don't deserve them it was an example of their encouragement and support towards the volunteers.
 This picture below will occupy first place in my collection.I think this affection and this environment made me to feel as if I'm with my family.
During this year of journey with sahaya I'm proud and elated to say that I was a part of the most defining and important change overs of our sahaya."THE STORY OF STAR", "MY LIBRARY" "FIELD TRIP" were the most important aspects and scenarios of my life...
I personally feel at most of the times when i get an opportunity to talk about  my sahaya family , I may be irrelevant,exited,talking in exaggeration. I am confident enough to say yes, I'm irrelevant, yes, I'm exited.But those words  out of my mouth were purely from the corner of my heart.The wors of exaggeration which I spoke on the 4 anniversary day and the words which I spoke recently in an orientation programme in kukatpally were exactly those which are in my heart.

Finally, I feel MY SAHAYA will bloom even in the darkest corner of my heart and though it may be a year u all guyys made me feel it a day. It was just like yesterday when I entered into this world..This world changed me into a real person and it made a definition for myselves.
On this time i'd rather assure a thing that untill the last moment i stay in sahaya i will deliver my 100% efforts and work in a dimensional way without any expectations.

My Experience in SAHAYA's session of 2012 Academic Year.

Today I really felt very happy for being a SAHAYA volunteer. Today I have learnt a new concept on today's PAT, when i heard about PAT i was a bit confused in conducting the PAT. 

I am firstly thankful to the SAHAYA core team members for having faith in me and encouraged me for taking session on my own, because it's the first time for me to take a session on myself without any co-volunteer's help, i hope i did my duty to my best.

Coming to my Saturday's session.....
i have taken 9 T/M class and conducted PAT, i am very impressed by the response that was shown by the students towards SAHAYA. 
Even i have learnt from those students how to respect new persons and seniors, their dedication and concentration.

Today i have started my session by introducing myself to the students, and tried to interact with the each and every student.
And then i have explained about today's session topic regarding the PAT and explained the conditions of attempting the PAT(Test).
And i have seen an excellent response and whole-hearted attempt from the students for PAT.

Before starting the PAT i have seen some students being unable to understand the 1 line questions, i have seen some students who were able to read the question and tried to read them loudly in entire class and i explained the question to kids who were unable to understand.

**I have seen some students who are Hesitating to write the answers(words) in English, they were able to understand the questions but were unable to present the answers in English. So I suggested them to write the answers in Telugu(for which they don't know the answers(words) in English), and i have seen maximum students who are intelligent and very active in SAHAYA sessions.

After a long gap i have taken SAHAYA session( Even though I don't have leave, I have taken special permission from my office for attending my SAHAYA's session) and I am feeling proud to say that i am a SAHAYA volunteer.

- Once again i am very glad, on seeing the zeal and glow in the innocent faces who are eagerly waiting for SAHAYA session to be conducted.

*** I am very thankful for Core Team members and my dear co-volunteers. 

I hope there will be a day when SAHAYA can bring good standards among the kids in schools we teach.

Sangeetha - A Star for Sahaya

The Story Of A Star.....

To bring out the untold stories of the kids,to unhide the hidden talents of the children and an effort to pat them on the back..."The Story Of A Star...."


Again and again SAHAYA for needy is turning out to be a reality show for all the volunteers with fun packed entertainment and loads of new things to learn...

Day starting pleasantly in the morning to SANGHI TEMPLE for the 4 anniversary of SAHAYA considerably my first bday in sahaya.We have travelled all the way to the temple with full energy and enthusiasm whereas we returned back into the bus with our feet fried in the hot sun...But a nice experience to visit a temple with all the members of sahaya which meant me as a family visit..
After that a exhaustive journey to the cotton mill nearby in an adventurous route..probably we have traveled all the way through ''THE ROAD NOT TAKEN'' to the cotton mills and had a good learning session of visit in the mills...
After that the favorite time of all the lunch time as usual our friends proved that they are experts in preparing delicious items which gave us a sound meal for the lunch..

After lunch it started a long good celebration cermony in which we had a great time with all the presentations to our friends...(A type of National award presentation done by presentors Karun and Nischal in a most interesting way)

And the award winners are.;....
BEST ATTIRE: Srinivas and Malli chowdary
BEST TEAM: Team of bhuvana and naga saranya
BEST IDEA : Rama Raju
BEST EMERGING VOLUNTEER: Bharath Reddy ,Sushmitha
BEST BLOG :Neelima
BEST VOLUNTEERS :Eshwar and Bhavya

We all shared our experiences during our journey in sahaya in a most expressive way...(Mine is the most worst speech with no links of the topic:-p)

The point to be noted in this session of presentation is that i have learned inspirational aspects from all the core team members especially the way they presented and the way they planned is a great sign to learn..

we have ended the celebrations with the certificate presentations to all of us which we felt a proud thing to achieve...

Our fantastic day ended with the hand prints of the ""BEST OF 2012"" and we called it off a day and returned back to home with loads and loads of happines and enjoyment..

But as usual my personal experience of the is a wonderful one in which no member of the core team nominated themselves in the awards which all the members of the core team really deserve all the awrds presented... This shows how they care us and how they respect our happinessss....

I feel that a  year of emotios and happiness in SAHAYA which is a relation in my life which i never end and the relation which made me to turn up into a new person....

Fantastic Four Years...

This is a journey of an ordinary people started way back in 2008, where they turned out to be more focused with composure and dignity by having 150 professional volunteers operating 8 Govt schools in and around Hyderabad. Sometimes our journey was very tough with many ups and downs because of the environment we are in, if all else fails in any situation criticism will be severe. It takes time getting used to extreme reactions of different levels from the state of joyousness through cordial and indifferent to irritation and sometimes ends up with the state of incongruity.

One of the things that have always lifted us as a volunteer is the aspirations and exaggeration of the children when we attend a session. On every session, it always amazes me how much they light up and waited for every Sahaya session that they’d. There is an instantaneous smile, directed not just at the volunteers they see – but after the session, for whatever reason, means something to cheer up their lives.

Our events in the school are living entity going through a most remarkable time i.e., on every patriotic occasion. In this last year, Sahaya represents more than ever before with innovations that we brought here through establishment of libraries, field trip and many more, though our volunteers are from different colleges, who had different attitudes and perceptions, follow different ideas, but we stand as a single unit in developing the standards of organization with meticulous care and discipline.

Personally, I enjoyed every session in Sahaya, I marveled at the range of difference and the ability of students from so many different backgrounds to share a classroom, to accept, accommodate and respect that difference. In a world growing more insular, being a volunteer to a social organization like Sahaya is a precious quality to acquire, because it stays for life and helps you understand students better, understand the significance of the other which in turn gives you the great respect and responsibility in country’s development. On the eve of Sahaya's 4th anniversary, here we deeply appreciated all our patrons, well wishers and volunteers who gave us the courage to work for a noble cause that we initiated four years back.

With Respects

4 fantastic years...

When we started sahaya, we didn't expect anything. We didn't have a great master plan for a successful organization for children run by enthusiastic volunteers like you all. Then fire finds first form. We did not lose focus, we relied on instinct more than once, we stayed patient, and we pulled the occasional hurdels...
That was 2008..

And then you came along..
We passed the word along, dropped emails, campaigned. You joined hands with us. You let us know that we matter. You let us know that we are doing something meaningful. And you let us know that our humble work deservs your attention. And we carefully handled it...

That was 2009..
Sahaya has changed. That small obscure team of six members and one school evolved in to professional organization , editorial structures and we grew big...

The sahaya family no longer has only 6 members, but rather a dedicated team of experienced volunteers Friends of Sahaya, expert advisors....

we all do our best to give children a joy of learning and encourage them to dream but more importantly aspire to empower them to deliver on their dreams.

That was 2010...
Sahaya is a quality obsossed, passionate team but is also you... Every single volunteer has been working with sahaya.

That was 2011...
This week sahaya turns 4. Its hard to believe that the years have passed so quickly.

For us 2011 was the year where we feel like Sahaya came to grips with its medium.
Collective work has helped us really understand that. Not only that it has helped our kids, to whom we bring wonderful books for, understand it..
The rise of good responsive project "My Library" has been most memorible. Many things have changed when we look back, we realize how wonderful the journey has been so far...

this is 4 years of GROWTH and SUCCESS..

Promising Kids - Emerging Leaders

We believe the great way of learning the situation is intricately depending on the best way of experiencing the very same situation. Every session in Sahaya has its own significance in extending and strengthening the knowledge and wisdom from session to session. Similar kind of experience has been taken place with few students on our last session at ZPHS Kukatpally. As we all know, we have established a library at ZPHS Kukatpally as a Children’s Day gift to the said school. Now the greatest challenge is to run the library without any imaginary hurdles or virtual boundaries on the utilization of the Library books which it is meant for!

TEAM - My Library

Yes, there is a solution and we found it from our concept titled “My Library”. Most of the students are very enthusiastic in taking up challenges; few may feel they’re the “LEADERS FOR BETTER INDIA”. Though the concept of picking up the students was not up to the standards but still it is good enough because they came on their own interest. At the initial stages of the Sahaya, we “Core Team” work as Volunteers later with that experience turned into Organizers. This transformation was not happened in a single night, it takes 3 long years to learn the pros and cons of organizing an event. Now, we believe the transformations will come by assigning tasks and responsibilities to the students in the school level itself which in turn gives the good and responsible citizens to the society. From here, there are no more assumptions, we are on action to build and give the good society to the coming generations where the society itself is free from all evils. Our focus to assign a task to a particular student as follow..

1.    The selected student should be able to maintain confidentiality and that he/she is should be further capable of soliciting advice from wise and knowledgeable people for appropriate allocation of the work.

2.    Specific mention is also made regarding library administration, stating that preference is to be given to the student who is capable of maintaining discipline through regular contact with other students.

3.    To impart leadership qualities that pave the way for success through task management and student management.

4.    There is always kind attention and bold focus on the special students through register entry in library, personal assessment and so on.

In very near future we can see LEADERS dealing with task management and student management, where they can able to initiating the task and also capable in multi-task management by finding ways and means, ultimately with well-chosen expressions. Equal emphasis is also laid on stressing the need for self-reliance and absence of despondency, with the virtues of endurance and humility which eventually lead to prosperity of their own and others too.

Hoping for the Best...

Sreeram B


A great thing learnt from SAHAYA is to make all the auspicious days such as the''Independance day'',''Children's day'',"Teachers day'',and "Republic days"" a memorable one.....
Good thing is that thats the way we can remember all these national festivals in a memorable way...
In the days of schooling it was a practice that on these festivals, we enter into the school with a shining white dress with a flag pinned on the pocket and staying in the school for games and returning back to home with delicious sweets and gifts..

                                        But from last 6 months or so.,it was a great feeling of attending these festival celebrations with minor or major responsibilities on us as a member of our ""SAHAYA"" family...
And by fulfilling those responsibilities I achieved a lot more satisfaction and enjoyment than that of my schooling days..
After being a part of SAHAYA, as everytime, this time also was a good day to remember after NOVEMBER
14 'childrens day'

We (phani and srinath) were handled the responsibilities of setting up the book intos the Z.P.H.S NARSAPUR as a part of "MY LIBRARY" establishment.. Our day (24 JAN) started at 8:00A.M in the morning at Z.P.H.s KP and after segregating the books and collecting all the requred essentials for travelling, we've (phani kumar and srinath) started from the school to narsapur with an auto following us with books and table.We were supported by Dharani bhai all the day..

After a long journey of 1 hour we have reached the school and we kept the books there and interacted with the school principal who spoke to us very well...I was amazed to see the active participation of the students in the games conducted by the school management towards 26 jan..Though it was a holiday to them maximum no.of students were participating in the games and they are playing them in a professional way...My impression on the first look was their involvement and their commitment to win the respective game..I was very much interested to find their enthusiasm towards studies,but i coulfdn't manage to do that..

After that we returned to kukatpally which took just 30 minutes to reach there(Srinath was unleashed with a pulsar in his hands and his acelerator never went down untill we reach our destination).yupee that was thrilling too..And we continued our day with the remaining works of correcting the papers of competitions conducted in moosapet by our friends...

                                          ON JANUARY26 -REPUBLIC DAY

The day of excitement arrived where we handled al the events in different schools effectively..Personally me and satya prakash was given a task to han over the certificates to the winners of the participants in our competitions and we started to Z.P.H.S SHAMSHIGUDA.

At my first step i was spell bounded by the rangoli the students presented there.. it was a great feeling to see all the science diagrams such as parts of human body everything in those diagrams...
Later on we have distributed the certificates to the winners with the help of management and returned back to kp...

I met sreeeram bhai's cousin where i got a first impression regarding his interest towards sahaya as i used to observe some of his comments in our posts and i heard from someone in sahaya that his excellent support to Sreeram anna..Later on i 've missed the interactin session due to my acedamic issue and i was a bit dissapointed to miss his interaction.But i came to know his discussion through my friends..

Over all those two days were of full satisfaction....
Personally i would convey my regards to all the core team members who have supported me and my friends by handling those reponsibilities.............................KUDOS to everyone for the successfull conduction of all the events all round the schools adopted by sahaya



Etymologically the word ‘event’ is of Latin origin and means ‘a thing that happens or takes place’, especially as “outcome”. From the past learning experiences of Team SAHAYA, we are organizing grand events on every patriotic occasion to make every student as an active participant apart from his/her regular activities. Our emphasis is also laid on the leadership qualities of a student which is to be exhibited in a given situation and the negotiations skills he/she requires for successfully winning over the situations by skilfully overcoming risk, crisis, and uncertainties.

Leisure events such as sports celebrations and other recreation events which do not expect immediate result because they are treated as fun based. We believe every student has their own needs in terms of gaining, sharing and developing one’s own knowledge. As a consequence of these need, the opportunities are expanded to larger number of students in the form of events and educate at all levels of competence by involving them into group activities.

Events are to be differently designed to cater to the needs of different students because of the following challenges.
1. There are different streams of students coming in from non-English medium to be taught in English medium; rural/urban students with a different background; students from different socially discriminated strata.
2.Careful examination of apportionment of student time, practicals, assignments, extracurricular activities and creativity opportunities.
3.Events should be meant for giving counsel, research and guidance opportunity to the students on one hand, and their own research, reading, writing, self-improvement, participation on the other hand.

Field Trip
By clicking below link, you can see the detailed update on our recent successful event “Field Trip” to HITAM college
With the help of library, Team SAHAYA wants to conduct events to the children by utilizing each collection that is available in Library. One of our Volunteer quoted “Books are, quite simply, windows on the world!  A library is a place to read and to enjoy and celebrate books.” As a children’s day gift we have established a library in ZPHS, Kukatpally School with more than 1000 books. To read more about this article, please check
Event Planning/Preparation
Freedom from despair is the base for progress, although our event organizers face wide range of risks and uncertainties at the initial levels, but planning with their honesty and integrity leads to accomplish the given task. To know more about our preparations, please find the below link
Accordingly, this year is going to be very special to all of us, where we imbibed our past experiences with New Year innovations to make every event as a successful one. Under this dawn of New Year, we have a perfect plan to establish more number of libraries and many more events to be conducted in bringing the awareness and enthusiasm to the children from their daily routines. On the eve of Republic day celebrations Jan 26th 2012 , we are going to launch one more library at ZPGHS Naraspur and also planned for quiz, essay and drawing competitions.