SCHOOL is one of the most important institutions in any society. It is set up by the community for its development. So it is the main responsibility of the school to bring up children as good and responsible social members of the society. The social development and development of the nation mainly depends on the education system. The success of any education system mainly depends on its organisation,management and administration .

"SCHOOL is a co-operative society where many agencies work in the interest of the society"
"The SCHOOL may be regarded as a social invention to serve society for the specialised service of teaching the young" OTTAWAY

One of the main objective of SAHAYA is Supervision i.e.,Supervision is in a sense the backbone of educational improvement. Educational supervision caters to the needs of improvement of educational standards. Through supervision, it is possible to know whether the alloted work is done on proper lines or not. Here SAHAYA analyse the reasons for delay of work and provide proper guidance. Appreciation and proper encouragement should given to the students at all the time. Supervision should be done on democratic lines and it should act as a friend, guide and be sympathetic towards the persons involved in the work.

So this time SAHAYA brings out the all experiences and ready to take up a new challenge with new innovatives. So we are following a new methodologies and new ideas to make an impact on each and every student. ZPTS kukatpally (HYDERABAD) this is the place where we have to improve in many ways in order to assure the quality of education and its importance.

Our sincere Thanks to MR.Shankarayya sir (HEAD MASTER, ZPTS) for given us immense support and help which we asked for the school children's bright future.