Happy Children s Day.. :-)

Millions of Indian kids will celebrate Children’s Day while almost the same numbers of kids will be picking bins and selling articles or even skin. After all this is just another day for India.

But it is not just a day for SAHAYA kids..... They had their day out there....

Date: 13|11|09
Event: Children s day - Essay writing competition.
Venue: ZPGHS & ZPBHS narsapur.
Members attended(Sahaya team): Me, Lavanya, Rajsekhar, Kesavi, Srinivas & Veda Vays.
Number of students attended: 220 students of 9th and 10th standards.

Every thing has been scheduled on 12th nov at our camp office(sree flat) after the final negotiations vth our sponsor in which President,Hr and some important person of the society was participated and president instructed us to b there at balnagar by 8:15am but our creator has created the new schedule and asked us to b there at balnagar by 8:00am but by the time we reached there our creator as well as Mr.Perfect proceeded 2 narsapur and it helped us a lot in the later part anywayz creator is creator he surveyed all the soils of narsapur 4 us.

without wasting anytime we proceeded to girls school n me sidetracked my route 2wards police station to arrange 108 for demonstration part and by the time i reached the school with vehicle children were already given da instructions to follow and students felt excited to know abt 108 and they even raised some doubts while the 108 personnel explaining abt the things that they face in real time and there after we conducted essay writing competition for children in vch hidden talents of the children were mined.

After doing with evaluation part we distributed prizes to children and proceeded to zphsb completing with thanks giving of the school management and carried out the same process even at the boys school.

Highlights of da day:
->Participation of each n every students in all competions and activities.
->Both print media and electronic media queued to cover the program.

Backlogs of the day:
we miss our president,vice president even bala n harsha and our Hardware Engineer

We could do even more events than this.. However, with the limited resources and limited man power we have done our best. Expecting more and more of these events......Thank you all...