1 day, a big ground, a Rs 200,00 budget, 300 hundred students, 50 volunteers, 45 degree celsius temp, 1 genuine celebrity, professional dancers, a big parade, a 312 hour delay in blogging about it and numbers don't tell 1/100th the story!!

But SAHAYA just actualy set the new bench-mark in AWESOMENESS_

Sorry about the overdose of superlatives, but then super events are described in superlatives I guess :) …The independence day event was so cool, the effects so profound, that a day after wen I'm blogging about it, I still get goose bumps it was defenitaly the biggest "KICK" I've gotten from activites made in SAHAYA!! Now I gess I shoud stop dragging and get on with the reporting...:)

Here we go…on the 15th @ ZPHS(Gawdavalli), we are in school around 9.00am (v are supposed to b there by 8.30.. v are late which should be not done according to SAHAYA rules book) any ways we were ready with the speech, essays writing and drawing winners finalized, gifts packed...

Students of ZPHS came to school after a long march in the Gawdavali village. Thesession startd.. Grama sarpanch was called as the chief guest and in their presence HM of school Mr. Sajauddin hosted the flag.. continued with some speech's, songs and dance programs...

HM of the school startd with the speech by thanking all the chief guests and called SREERAM (president of sahaya) on to the stage and gave a place along with the chief guests. (can view images in my profile :) ). He introduced SAHAYA to all the members who visited that place including chief guests, parents and village ppl..

Patriotic fervor was seen at its best when the student of school sang a Hindi-Patriotic song. He was ANJI, best @ his performance. He got many fans in sahaya team. There followed by yasmeens speech and many other students speech in hindi, telugu and english.On behalf of sahaya team there was speech by Gayatri and Shrvya which was excellent.

Now its the show ....

Navya Bagam startd announcing names of the winners in essay writing and drawing competitions. winners are provided with gifts by the guests who attended the eve... :-( bt rain interrupted the smooth going event, however it was all went nice within short time. Finally management distributed some refreshments for us along with the students of the school. This was brief happened @ ZPHS Gawdavalli Independence day celebrations.

I would like to thank each and every one for making the event a awesome one.
More specifically :
  • SREERAM huh hez the crucial man behind this success. SreeRam u made it. thank you very much. I think with out you this event coudnt be a successful one. Thank you once again.
  • Thank you Harsha (my driver :) ): He was very handy for me in packing gifts, and in all aspects.
  • Thank you Nischal and karun for preparing and helping Children s in Telugu speech.
  • Thank you Navya Nithyanand for preparing and helping children s in Hindi speech.
  • Thank you Sindhu Priya and Lakshmi priya for preparing and helping children s English speech.
Thank you each and every one of core members - volunteer - all supporters, well wishers for providing their valuable support on and for Independence day Celebrations.

A day at the school :-D

Hello ppl!
Today was a different day for me,a bit unexpected.Just when i thought of concluding today as the most boring day of my life i was suddenly rushing out of college to go and help out the sahaya members with the independence day program being conducted at kphp gowdawally(pardon me for my spellings!!!).It was awesome to see all the kids so excited to participate in everything.There was an essay writing & painting competition conducted in the morning which i as usually missed(i generally miss the best moments),but according to the other volunteers present there it was a huge success.My friend told me that there was also a kid who actually drew his headmaster n proudly presented it even though it was nowhere near understandable...whats important is that they had the courage to show what they felt which is never done these days.Most of the kids participated in it.Well they are yet to be corrected n prizes will be rewarded for the best three.....hmm i should have written one.I entered the school in the afternoon and was really amazed that they recognised me.I was supposed to write an essay in Hindi(amen!)...i did write it though i nearly pulled out half my hair getting the spellings right.Finally i completed it....it was not so bad after all... they were girls who wanted to sing songs and were already ready with different songs...wow!...there was a boy who sang sobeautifully that he should be competing in one of the TV shows.Children came up to me showing me their self written speeches,it was truly encouraging not only for their fellow students but also for me.Nobody wanted to be left out and nobody backed out.All they needed was a little encouragement and that's what we are here for.i never knew i could handle anything and here i was handling kids.I'm proud of myself for that.;-) on the whole it was was a ...hmm...gr8 but unusual experience.

These children if put in the right track have great potential.They have talent that most of us lack having studied in private schools not to mention with more than enough facilities provided.i hope we are able to help them help themselves.i am so glad i am able to put to use my otherwise self centered life on making the future brighter for these children.This organisation isn't just any other organisation that pretends to help.We don't spoon feed them we help them realise their true potential by their own hard work.Well before i get too sentimental let me introduce my self....I'm just another girl who goes by the name navya nithyananda,a volunteer who hopes to give these children a hope to prosper....And I'm glad i"m a part of sahaya :-) thank you sree ram,thank you srikanth,thank you dharani,n of course thank you rajshekar...