Teaching Leads to Learning

My passion towards teaching lead me to Sahaya...A place where we can share our knowledge by teaching. Those were the starting days of my +1, I heard about Sahaya from one of the volunteers of Sahaya. It created a special excitement which made to step  there after two long years. On the first day of session felt excited. There after every session I have headed with a bucket full of energy, which had different  experience from all  other routine days.

Here I learnt to speak with strangers which improved my communication skills.

I learnt to start listening to other people thoughts, ideas which improved my listening skills.

I learnt to start working with strangers which made me to understand the team spirit.

The most loving part is communicating with the kids in their style which creates a special attachment towards them.In the process of preparing for session and  in order to keep them concentrated and  make them to feel  different from their regular classes.

I learnt many unknown reasons for some scientific questions.These lead me to learning while teaching and here SHARING of knowledge had changed to EXCHANGE  of knowledge.

I learnt that every single person has their own talents which are hidden in them and so I learnt to encourage people. 

Time is the most precious one and spending that time with these kids and helping them to gain knowledge in many aspects gives us an immense satisfaction and make us quite different from others.

Proud to be a sahayan….


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