The Tour (30-11-2009 to 4-12-2009)

Around 250kms away from the Hyderabad , its a small village , excellent atmosphere , one big ground, this is about a small introduction to ZPHS veldurty (guntur dist), Its always a great feeling when we do something good to our mother land,  Some NRI’s decides to do the same thing and starts doing projects in that school providing infrastructure,sanitation,computer education, conducting sports and cultural fest and they named these one week celebrations as ZPHS community “mahostavalu”(celebrations), veldurty. Luckily i got invitation from Mr.Ravinder reddy (Main member in community  and Sahaya 

HR’s uncle as well) to take some classes to the ZPHS veldurty students.
As I started with my pals Mr.Dharani Kumar and Mr.Srinivas, According to the schedule we suppose to take classes on 30th onwards... We enjoyed the nature,nativity and some traditional spicy food of “Palnadu”.... six days six different experiences to me... here we go...
Day 1,2,3 : Computer class to 8th, 9th, 10th students respectively

Myself went to {8th A sec,9th B sec, 10th B sec} , Dharani and Srinivas went to{ 8th B sec,9th A sec, 10th sec } while we entering into the every class students starts singing like “ goooood morninggggg sirrrrr” ,I started the proceedings with a little smile on my face. Personally this is first time to take up one class for whole day with one subject. It was very difficult but I judged it well to conduct some competitions, discussions, dictation along with practical and theoretical class. Students of ZPHS veldurthy are hyperactive and proactive.

Day 4,5 : Sports Fest

Mr. Chanukya joined me the last couple of days, Me and chanukya(Asst HR of sahaya) gave some training to the students, We actively participated in most of the gamesJ as a referee, scorer but not as a players , sun burning out all the day but we never drop our energy levels and encouraging all the talents, I impressed with senior kabaddi team from ZPHS veldurty, plenty of talent but lack of resources which makes me hurt a bit.  These two days are the most awaiting days for the students in every year.
Day 6 : Annual Day Celebrations

Well, Everything goes according to the plan as per the invitation many of the Village officials ,Panchayiti Heads arrived into the school @2pm , Sorry to say I didn’t remember anyone of the names but I observed one person who got the “BEST TEACHER AWARD” from Guntur dist, his words were adorable every child shows their attention towards his speech after some time suddenly crowd gets excited I turned back, One dynamic personality stepping towards us, its none another than fun star “shiva reddy” children gets excited they stopped listening to the speeches and everyone shouting shiva reddy, afterwards he steals the complete show with his awesome talent, his gestures, art of mimicry everything was fantastic to watch… some stubborn dance performances by the students which makes  mesmerizing. At the end of the day every student came to me and they took my phone number which makes me happy....

Best time : I got positive feedbacks from every Student of ZPHS veldurty
Worst time : I hurting my right index and thumb fingers while im playin volley ball…
Special thanks : Mr.Ravinder Reddy, Mr. Laxma Reddy for giving me the opportunity to participating in this memorable event.
2)Mr .Rajshekhar, He suggests my name to his uncle
3)Mr.Dharani and Mr. Srinivas for thier company in first three days, they helped me alot in all aspects.
4)Mr.Chanukya , He is very handy in last few days especially in sports and cultural fests.
Personally, this is the event which makes me little bit consicious about few things and we got some sort of experience in
1)How to organise an event?
2)What are protocols that we have to follow before doing an event?
3) Cost estimation
If possible and things gone well then sahaya will adopt this school and runs with Engg students from Newton college of Engg(macharla)
Thanks to all ZPHS veldurty community members, students and villagers...


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