Science Fair preparation at Narsapur

Another motivating, fun filled and exhilarating session of Sahaya has again come to an end wit the dusk of the twilight... For me and my friends; it was our first experience in the Narsapur School where we found the school children really enthusiastic and adroit in their work... The journey that we had towards the school was more like a hang out plan wit our best pals and buddies than like being on an assignment!!We had a beautiful journey through the lap of nature wit the evergreen greenery where we also sighted plenty of monkeys hanging and amusing all over!!

We had been to the school to introduce them to the science fair which is being organized by our team Sahaya... The children in the school were eager to take another new challenge. Every student in the class came up wit their own topics rather than waiting to be assigned any job... This haste attitude of the students helps and encourages us in doing and serving them in even more better way...
A new challenge that Sahaya had accepted to face today was that of dealing with the Urdu medium students than regular Telugu medium students...Hmm, well, on the whole the day 1 of science fair preparation went well wit both the medium students...
Altogether , the day ended wit the sight of dawn-the setting of red restless glowing sun which never fails to rise back the next morning..


Anonymous said...

Truly lucky v had a wonderful experience on tat day n am very happy 2 b a part of this science fair sessions

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