Far better

These are good days for us in SAHAYA here; days when we literally start seeing our dreams come true. We all had great dreams when we started SAHAYA…To expand to more number of schools …To make Computers just another learning tool for kids…to have an institutional/teaching organization that works on our syllabus round the year, researching and constantly tweaking and updating it to suit kids better.

But today suddenly all our great dreams don’t seem that great compared to where we stand, what we can achieve and what is required of us.  The role of SAHAYA in an school two years back is no longer its role today; it’s much broader. The role of a SAHAYA volunteer two years back is no longer the same; it’s far greater.

Looking back at the year gone past, and all the classes we took as Sahaya volunteers, I keep trying to evaluate whether we changed anything in the system, whether we made a difference at all…

One of the reasons why Sahaya is such a great idea is because it offers responsibility to the volunteer and not simply an opportunity to feel good about himself / herself. Last year, this responsibility entailed that we come on time, come prepared, stick to the timeframe of the syllabus, and such. Looking at it this way, Sahaya is really an exercise in self-discipline.

And personally, I think I could have done better. Quite often, I thought that our teaching was not as effective as it could have been; sometimes it seemed as if the kids were having trouble grasping the lessons. Maybe that would not have been so if we were better prepared. Or maybe we were just expecting too much out of the kids….

This post is a tribute to all those volunteers who are coming forward and taking charge in SAHAYA. It’s function is to celebrate each and every one of you who have chosen to make a difference.
Team Sahaya @ 3rd anniversary 
Journey for the future continues.... cheers to all those who are a part of it...


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