Preparation of this academic year started

This academic year 1st activity CHART WORK is gonna help the kids a lot in learning the things quickly ..since we know that by seeing we can grasp things easily than listening ..Fabulous work by all my frndzz who coordinated n cooperated me ..The charts are prepared on basics of english that is parts of speech ..All have coordinated well in facebook by posting their ideas and by group chat the discussions went on well ..Niklesh has done a gr8 job by actively participating and posting many pics which inspired us alot ..As a part of preparing charts, i gathered the volunteers to share some views and distribute the work between ourselves .. I thank all of them specially because even under the absence of core team members they attended the meet and gave their valuable suggestions ..Seriously i experienced the hard work of core members as of a drop in an ocean ..But finally its the self satisfaction n productive work which sweeps away all the efforts put over ..i would like to thank rajshekar who pointed my few mistakes and corrected me :) Even when am discouraged at times its the volunteers who pushed n boosted me to complete the work successfully ..Frankly speaking am just a bridge between sreekanth and volunteers where an idea took its action form ..FLASH CARDS are on the way to take its implementation part ..Waiting eagerly for this academic sessions to start where all the volunteers are gonna rock on this year :) :) :)


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