Here starts the book-e treet....

I hitched a ride with dharani n sreeram, all set to carry out books from all places to segregate them and I can safely say that we did it till  last night. We were able to manage to get 100's of various category books and around 150 dictionaries to launch a mini library today. As per plan dharani dropped me at ZPHS Shamshiguda on time along with books. As I reached n walked inside to be greeted by the children and after the usual “hello’s” and “hi’s” the children settled down in the ground where the Flag hosting was supposed.
By 8.30 Flag hosting program was started followed by HM sir's speech later followed by Chief guests speech. Which later followed by few nice  speeches and songs sung by kids interestingly in English n Hindi as well. Children showcase their singing talents and few of the girls and  boys, with no hesitation, came forward and sang beautifully! After the joyous singing we moved onto the most important part of the day - prize distribution. Divya, Vivek and along with few other volunteers who teach at Shamshiguda School also dropped in to help. Soon enough, we distributed the prizes for the winners and runner ups in the events organized couple of days in advance.
There after few more events like singing n dance programs one of the teaching faculty from school briefed the children about the library and  how the books donors has helped us out by getting various books to the students there and we received a token of appreciation from the Principal n chief guests attended for the event.

Soon after winding up the event at Shamshiguds we bunch of volunteers from here joined rest of the volunteers who were already gathered @ ZPHS Kukatpaly. I think Nischal would be the best person who can post the detailed event held in KP school better than me. 
Before leaving we had a group photograph with all the volunteers and as a perfect ending to the wonderful event, Dharani, provided all of us with yummy treats. Once that was done and the library in its place, we all left the place with a content heart as well as a content stomach.
Some interesting facts about our brand new mini Library  —

Total number of books – 200

Books from our donors – 150 Dictionaries, 15 Atlas, Many story books

Books from our volunteers – 35(Many more still need t be segregated and categorized)

Books which reached us from various donors say that how eager everyone was to help out by giving their old books and donations,  and  the children must make the most use of them and here after its Volunteers responsibility to motivate children about how important books are to  them and how much reading English books can help them develop their language and vocabulary. It would tempt anyone to read at least one book from there I am sure. As if those books weren’t already enough, there were some charts and information posters too. 

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.” ~Charles W. Eliot

Welcome to newbies onboard and Special thanks to book donors and Friends of Sahaya for all the help and Happy 65th Independence day to all!! 


akhil said...

finally the mission has been established...... i think there is a long way to reach success
that comes only when volunteers donate and make others donate more and more books
i think students should be motivated in such a way that they even start donating books for their juniors and their school
mission vl b successful only when students start utilizing library to the maximum........
volunteers should even acknowledge the students about the books available and the way to maintain the library for a long term use......

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