one wonderful year in my life

Exactly a year ago I've stepped into the world which seemed to me like a place of hidden sentiments,pure leadership and fresh feelings.One year of journey has taught me "n" no.of things and had given me some wonderful and unforgettable memories of my life.As everyone remember August 15 as a day of independence but to me august 15 is the day of implementation and adaption of various skills and things.
 This was for the first time that i stood in front of 60 people and could able to speak few words.
 Who would expect that just after  joining  will get a chance to handle a huge event,which I did ie., "THE FIELD TRIP" to our college where I really found the inspiration and leadership skills from the core team .
Field trip was the first moment where I started to think of transforming my selves. I first started analyzing and adopting some good things from others.It was the day where I met one of the most dedicated and well reputed volunteers like KARUN,NEELIMA and that was the point where I started seeing the best volunteer of sahaya Mr.Eshwar Babu who organized and showed his profound skill called leadership.
 The outing from sahaya to the zoo was one of the most defining moments where I could find many of my best pals and got a chance to interact with many of the most experienced volunteers..If I have to rate this event I'd rate this 5/5 as it was the first trip with sahaya where I started transforming my selves.
January 26 was the day where I've learned the leadership skills by organizing the launch of My library in Z.P.H.S Gowdavelly.Thanx to each and evryone who supported me in that event.
Then came the most memorable event of my whole life which i'd never forget was the 4 ANNIVERSARY OF SAHAYA.That day I've received the best appreciations and compliments of my life from the core team.Though i don't deserve them it was an example of their encouragement and support towards the volunteers.
 This picture below will occupy first place in my collection.I think this affection and this environment made me to feel as if I'm with my family.
During this year of journey with sahaya I'm proud and elated to say that I was a part of the most defining and important change overs of our sahaya."THE STORY OF STAR", "MY LIBRARY" "FIELD TRIP" were the most important aspects and scenarios of my life...
I personally feel at most of the times when i get an opportunity to talk about  my sahaya family , I may be irrelevant,exited,talking in exaggeration. I am confident enough to say yes, I'm irrelevant, yes, I'm exited.But those words  out of my mouth were purely from the corner of my heart.The wors of exaggeration which I spoke on the 4 anniversary day and the words which I spoke recently in an orientation programme in kukatpally were exactly those which are in my heart.

Finally, I feel MY SAHAYA will bloom even in the darkest corner of my heart and though it may be a year u all guyys made me feel it a day. It was just like yesterday when I entered into this world..This world changed me into a real person and it made a definition for myselves.
On this time i'd rather assure a thing that untill the last moment i stay in sahaya i will deliver my 100% efforts and work in a dimensional way without any expectations.


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