Insights & Evidence: Empowering Successful Kids!

Our volunteers know how motivating it can be for kids to discover their "sparks" - those activities and interests that truly engage kids to be their best. Discovering those sparks can help students express their personalities.
We found that creative arts, athletics, and learning are the top interests that kids identify as their personal sparks through various interactions with kids in schools we visit. Other activities like reading, current affairs, nature, and curiosity to know new things also spark kids’ passions.  Kids need attention necessary to help them identify and nurture their sparks. Swecha events - a platform where kids get freedom of expression with joy.
Empowering successful kids
Helping kids identify their sparks, and providing them the opportunity to develop those interests, appear to be important additions to academic educational methods and help them achieve success.
Every caring effort of volunteers will be fruitful when students learn and reflect what they learnt. We always offer a challenge that’s well-matched to the child’s skill level, with clear goals.
One of the factors we identified in turning schoolers onto focusing on their spark is self-efficacy: students’ sense that they are competent and able to have enough knowledge of things happening around them, around the world. To encourage this in kids, we try to restructure learning so as to maximize opportunities for success  by building on skills that students required.

Swecha 2K14 events will help kids not merely be “okay,” but be the best they can be: confident, capable, passionate and thrive.

We thank all the volunteers for their efforts and the support in organizing Swecha event that develops kids do better on a wide variety of developmental outcomes.


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