Seven Years - And Counting!

Each year Awesome volunteers, supporters and dreams alike people, come together to share with us their passion towards Sahaya, unveiling the key to Organization success. always creative; always brave.

Most exciting day with some of the influential leadership team and volunteers, who inspire, teach, and guide us as we face the many challenges and opportunities which lie ahead in the future, in an event that gathered volunteers from all our schools.

A feeling of quality of our work is the amount of time we are willing to expend on it but also the fact that we are willing to take chances while doing it

Our mission is to discover, recognize, and promote the sparkling stars and effort of volunteers who create unique experiences that are useful, innovative, intuitive, and inspiring. This year we've gladly given this recognition to:

Best Volunteer Male 
Best Volunteer Female 
Best Emerging Volunteer - Male 
Kranti Rekha
Best Emerging Volunteer - Female 
Best Facebook Group Post 
Ravali Dara
Best Blog post 
Vinod Bala
Best Idea 
Aishwarya and Team
Best Team 
Nova Prabhu
Best Attire - Male 
Best Attire - Female 

Thank you Eshwar, Divya, Subhramanyam Aditya and Akhil, without your energy, knowledge and enthusiasm none of this would have been possible. Thanks!


eshwar said...

Superb energetic volunteers, they are the reason for a successful organization.. :)

suhas said...

super team....super development....proud of sahaya.....proud to be part of it.....most beautiful days of my life was days i spent on sahaya

tejaswini vanama said...

Aishwarya u deserve it..!! :)

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