Enjoying the essence of learning while teaching.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make life by what we give" given by Winston Churchill suits to every volunteer of Sahaya. The satisfaction which we get being a Sahayan is immense.

The ‘growth mindset’

We are very fortunate to get a chance to organize events for Swecha2K15. Swecha is about what more we can do with young people from an early age to inculcate and teach a passion for continuous learning and growth and observe how they are participating, reading, learning and improving their skills. Events should provide an opportunity for the students to think, imagine, analyze and implement which finally leads to learning.

Students who embrace a ‘growth mindset’ – those who believe they can learn more despite failure -- perform better in events than those who don’t. So, choosing right kind of events plays an important role.

Measuring ‘the learning gain’

The ability to learn, understand and retain are not fixed and can change and increase with effort, diligence and hard work.
Role play and Running dictation were the events conducted for Swecha 2K15. Role play was conducted for VIII and XI which was quite tough for them. It went good in all the schools but it might have been much better if they were given more time for practice in presence of volunteers at Kukatpally school. Student have shown interest and enthusiasm to participate but Telugu medium class students found difficulty while speaking English. They were ready to speak in Telugu and they requested to conduct role play in Telugu in few classes but after explaining the importance of English, they were convinced, tried their best and a few performed beyond our expectations. Few role plays were very impressive by creating suitable environment for given situation creatively.

Running dictation was simple which helped in testing their reading, listening and writing skills. We observed that the words which we gave for running dictation were out of their capability. They need to improve a lot in spellings. But there was an active participation in all the schools for this event.
Our team has done meticulous work in organizing events that rigorously measures the performance of individual students, and include awarding. Turn up from VNR VJIT, Maheshwara, MNR, MLRIT(NSS Team) is the sole reason. Heart-full thanks to everyone who have worked hard to bring such huge group of people into Sahaya. Hope they continue with us.

I’d welcome your thoughts and ideas – what should we do to improve on the concepts, research and evidence discussed above to get better outcomes of education.

-Mounika Kolagani 


Unknown said...

The line mentioned about RolePlay are 100% correct.
I conducted the event for 9th A. I conducted the event twice as the duration is only 3mins for team. There is a remarkable changes found from 1st attempt to 2nd attempt.
Its true that if they had enough practice, their performances would be far better.

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