A New Learning Model

Every year is a new learning and it adds to our experience.

Now it’s our 9th year, the good news is that we’re seeing progress on many fronts. We are stepping in with a new energy and with new ideas from our newly joined members and backed by experienced team.

At Sahaya; while learning many things, we evolved ourselves in many ways. We've learned to Remove boundaries among subjects. Since knowledge is naturally connected and kids have different gifts, we let them explore at their own pace and see how things connect when they are ready. Some may want to go deep into a technical subject, while others may pursue open-ended thinking and creativity.

Since various separate classrooms have been combined in this model, volunteers too can combine and help one another in a classroom. This takes advantage of various strengths to address this multifaceted job.

With like minded volunteers investing their time every Saturday at our sessions is enabling us to help kids of 4 schools. More the volunteers, more the kids we can help.

We are proud and excited with the kick start we had this year to bring in new learning models in education. But there is potential everywhere. Please join with us to share your thoughts and stories about innovation in education. We all must take a hard look at our own communities which give enough support which is necessary to create a transformational improvements in students' achievement.


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