Awesome day...:)

All together it was a funny, awesome and huh typical day... it was a mixed experience for me..

The days starting was a big hurdle |```| for us... The big man principal changed huh Again we got a big deal to make him know abt sahaya, what actualy we do and how.. Finally sreeram, rajshkar and dharani made this job simple and sessions startd smoothly @ 11.00am..

Further moving on it was even big hurdle ..5 Classes( 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10 classes), around 600 students with 35 volunteers(20 of them are newbies).... With having a prepared schedule in hand all the senior volunteers scattered to their assigned classes. @ the same time me and Jagadish started induction class to folks, new people :D

They were all worried about what actually they need to do, how to do and when.. I hope after the session progressed they got a gud picture about all those questions... It was a awesome day b'coz Mr. RamaKrishna (Cousin of sreeram) made his time to visit ZPHS.. It was not awesome with visit however it was awesome becoz of his speech and motivation. With his speech about what actually social service is and how dedicated we need to work, all the volunteers are almost got motivated.. He gave a mantra to lead a beautiful lyf..i.e
"Be Honest to what ever we do, by being honest we could be Punctual an by
being punctual we will be Committed towards what ever we do.."

Moving on further it was about 12.30pm lunch time for kids @ ZPHS... and all the senior and newbies gathered in a room for more discussions and tips from Mr.RK (Ramakrishna)
There were lot of helpful tips coming from him.. how to deal the to deliver in huge number of ppl.. how to grab kids attention towards us....

>> Firstly making the class settle with in 20 sec..if not settled pleasingly request them to be settled and with in the same time even we(volunteers) need to be settled to the classroom atmosphere..

>>Position of standing in the classroom while delivering any session which should be audible to all the students in the class room.Usage of podium effectively and to grab every ones attention walk to the center of the class with 5min intervals of time..

>>Partition of black board in to two parts .. Left side we need to write main points not entire description and on the right side we need to put on figures and numerical.He even gave a practical explanation behind doing this...
------since our right brain could capture images which makes kids to concentrate more.. bcoz 1000 words of speech will be equal to one image..To make us understand more effectively RK conducted a activity.. That helpd us to understand practically.

>>Do not write every thing on board and try to look at the class for every 40 sec interval.
>> The most impotent tip of the day was.... according to practical experiences kids @ age of 10th standard will have concentration levels stays 50% i.e about 20min.. and we need to make max with in this time..

>> There will be few distractions in the class from few kids and we should not be carried out by them... we need to break out our concentration from them and move on..
There were even lot but this is short and sweet...

After this special non regular session we were again on to track of our schedule. English classes to 10th classes. Wow it was a worm welcome for Sreeram to their class by 10th Girls..Look @ the way they welcomed...
It is "WELCOME TO SAHAYA" written by Keerti (Shez my student..SAW catagory..) .There are multiple talents that are hidden in them that need to be traced and showcased. All the members from SAHAYA team must trace the students according to their talents and make a note regarding those kids... huh there on the clasess went on smoothly and after that there was a Team meet to let new volunteers regarding sahaya objectives and rules... thats all for the day...


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