Tea Party..

Tea party with ZPHS teaching and non teaching management.

Talk about what we do, sahaya methodology & Curriculum, request for the co-operation from teachers and management.

The main objectives of this meet was to make teachers and the school management know about what sahaya would like to do and how. Teachers were not aware of exactly what we were doing till now and they had little confusion about our schedule.

we had a very different day sahaya team had an official tea party with not only the principal but also the entire faculty of the school. With in the presence of entire management sahaya team actually explained in details what are the factors, help we are expecting from the faculty and management in the course of our term in the school. We have also discussed some of the important factors we are planning to do in the coming days for the students to improve their thinking ability, general knowledge, memory power and obviously confidence levels.

We were really amazed with the response we received from the school faculty. They even gave us many suggestions like the valuable information regarding student’s level of understanding and what they have been observing for the past few years of their experience. They even said that if these sessions which we were going to take are going to improve their pass percentage and life skills they will do be happy to give their part of support. Even the school principal was very happy to hear what we said and said that he was very grateful to receive this kind of help and support from us.

We even had very good news regarding the 10th class students that the present batch is very good and listens to class attentively and also asks doubts. Teachers were really very happy when we said that we shall be trying to improve their pass percentage.


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