Giving kids the joy of reading

Sir Isaac Newton was apparently sitting under an apple tree when his theory of gravitation came to him.

Team Sahaya was sitting under a tree in school, reading once a week to local children who had no storybooks, when the need for library struck us.Children need to read. They need to have access to books.
They need to have a library, Sahaya realized.

Sahaya is well into the planning and execution stages for expanding library in schools we adopted.

The Joy of Reading 

Every time we open a book, we discover something new – a beautiful story or a fairy-tale, the strange and wonderful habits of animals, the mysterious world of science, and the customs of people who live in a far-distant country.  And every time we open a book, we learn something new – we learn numbers and letters, colors and shapes, poetry and songs.  Books are, quite simply, windows on the world!  A library is a place to read and to enjoy and celebrate books.

What is a 'My Library'? 
A 'My Library' is a place where there are books, children and committed and enthusiastic volunteers of sahaya to assist the children to develop their reading skills. 'My Library' is a place where each and every child feel its his/her own library.

Other libraries and My Library, what is the difference?              

When it come to a other library, they usually for those who know how to read and they are seeking information on a specific topic, or a certain kind of fiction book to read.

Young children may not be able to read so they need to be attracted to the library and, whenever possible, assisted with their reading skills.  Children need to feel comfortable in a library setting and should be gently encouraged to  participate in the activities offered.  Our volunteers will play an interactive role with the children.   It is a very demanding job, but also a very rewarding one.

Few days left for giving kids the joy of reading..

Come donate one to the Sahaya Societies Book donation this year, and you could make this children's day a very special one for Kids..


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