Etymologically the word ‘event’ is of Latin origin and means ‘a thing that happens or takes place’, especially as “outcome”. From the past learning experiences of Team SAHAYA, we are organizing grand events on every patriotic occasion to make every student as an active participant apart from his/her regular activities. Our emphasis is also laid on the leadership qualities of a student which is to be exhibited in a given situation and the negotiations skills he/she requires for successfully winning over the situations by skilfully overcoming risk, crisis, and uncertainties.

Leisure events such as sports celebrations and other recreation events which do not expect immediate result because they are treated as fun based. We believe every student has their own needs in terms of gaining, sharing and developing one’s own knowledge. As a consequence of these need, the opportunities are expanded to larger number of students in the form of events and educate at all levels of competence by involving them into group activities.

Events are to be differently designed to cater to the needs of different students because of the following challenges.
1. There are different streams of students coming in from non-English medium to be taught in English medium; rural/urban students with a different background; students from different socially discriminated strata.
2.Careful examination of apportionment of student time, practicals, assignments, extracurricular activities and creativity opportunities.
3.Events should be meant for giving counsel, research and guidance opportunity to the students on one hand, and their own research, reading, writing, self-improvement, participation on the other hand.

Field Trip
By clicking below link, you can see the detailed update on our recent successful event “Field Trip” to HITAM college
With the help of library, Team SAHAYA wants to conduct events to the children by utilizing each collection that is available in Library. One of our Volunteer quoted “Books are, quite simply, windows on the world!  A library is a place to read and to enjoy and celebrate books.” As a children’s day gift we have established a library in ZPHS, Kukatpally School with more than 1000 books. To read more about this article, please check
Event Planning/Preparation
Freedom from despair is the base for progress, although our event organizers face wide range of risks and uncertainties at the initial levels, but planning with their honesty and integrity leads to accomplish the given task. To know more about our preparations, please find the below link
Accordingly, this year is going to be very special to all of us, where we imbibed our past experiences with New Year innovations to make every event as a successful one. Under this dawn of New Year, we have a perfect plan to establish more number of libraries and many more events to be conducted in bringing the awareness and enthusiasm to the children from their daily routines. On the eve of Republic day celebrations Jan 26th 2012 , we are going to launch one more library at ZPGHS Naraspur and also planned for quiz, essay and drawing competitions.



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We always do the best. What we planted in the past, will harvest soon.

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