Fantastic Four Years...

This is a journey of an ordinary people started way back in 2008, where they turned out to be more focused with composure and dignity by having 150 professional volunteers operating 8 Govt schools in and around Hyderabad. Sometimes our journey was very tough with many ups and downs because of the environment we are in, if all else fails in any situation criticism will be severe. It takes time getting used to extreme reactions of different levels from the state of joyousness through cordial and indifferent to irritation and sometimes ends up with the state of incongruity.

One of the things that have always lifted us as a volunteer is the aspirations and exaggeration of the children when we attend a session. On every session, it always amazes me how much they light up and waited for every Sahaya session that they’d. There is an instantaneous smile, directed not just at the volunteers they see – but after the session, for whatever reason, means something to cheer up their lives.

Our events in the school are living entity going through a most remarkable time i.e., on every patriotic occasion. In this last year, Sahaya represents more than ever before with innovations that we brought here through establishment of libraries, field trip and many more, though our volunteers are from different colleges, who had different attitudes and perceptions, follow different ideas, but we stand as a single unit in developing the standards of organization with meticulous care and discipline.

Personally, I enjoyed every session in Sahaya, I marveled at the range of difference and the ability of students from so many different backgrounds to share a classroom, to accept, accommodate and respect that difference. In a world growing more insular, being a volunteer to a social organization like Sahaya is a precious quality to acquire, because it stays for life and helps you understand students better, understand the significance of the other which in turn gives you the great respect and responsibility in country’s development. On the eve of Sahaya's 4th anniversary, here we deeply appreciated all our patrons, well wishers and volunteers who gave us the courage to work for a noble cause that we initiated four years back.

With Respects


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