Again and again SAHAYA for needy is turning out to be a reality show for all the volunteers with fun packed entertainment and loads of new things to learn...

Day starting pleasantly in the morning to SANGHI TEMPLE for the 4 anniversary of SAHAYA considerably my first bday in sahaya.We have travelled all the way to the temple with full energy and enthusiasm whereas we returned back into the bus with our feet fried in the hot sun...But a nice experience to visit a temple with all the members of sahaya which meant me as a family visit..
After that a exhaustive journey to the cotton mill nearby in an adventurous route..probably we have traveled all the way through ''THE ROAD NOT TAKEN'' to the cotton mills and had a good learning session of visit in the mills...
After that the favorite time of all the lunch time as usual our friends proved that they are experts in preparing delicious items which gave us a sound meal for the lunch..

After lunch it started a long good celebration cermony in which we had a great time with all the presentations to our friends...(A type of National award presentation done by presentors Karun and Nischal in a most interesting way)

And the award winners are.;....
BEST ATTIRE: Srinivas and Malli chowdary
BEST TEAM: Team of bhuvana and naga saranya
BEST IDEA : Rama Raju
BEST EMERGING VOLUNTEER: Bharath Reddy ,Sushmitha
BEST BLOG :Neelima
BEST VOLUNTEERS :Eshwar and Bhavya

We all shared our experiences during our journey in sahaya in a most expressive way...(Mine is the most worst speech with no links of the topic:-p)

The point to be noted in this session of presentation is that i have learned inspirational aspects from all the core team members especially the way they presented and the way they planned is a great sign to learn..

we have ended the celebrations with the certificate presentations to all of us which we felt a proud thing to achieve...

Our fantastic day ended with the hand prints of the ""BEST OF 2012"" and we called it off a day and returned back to home with loads and loads of happines and enjoyment..

But as usual my personal experience of the is a wonderful one in which no member of the core team nominated themselves in the awards which all the members of the core team really deserve all the awrds presented... This shows how they care us and how they respect our happinessss....

I feel that a  year of emotios and happiness in SAHAYA which is a relation in my life which i never end and the relation which made me to turn up into a new person....


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