Few Things Left Unsaid

From My Childhood I always wanted to be happy, whatever the situation is, and even the situation is something like the bereavement of a close person who was almost my life. But that was not the same in the case of loss of a close friend who was my Wikipedia, my Google, my oxford dictionary he was almost everything for me probably I was nothing without him. 

I have never even had an imagination that I would lose him but on 8th June 2012 at 07:30 it happened, I lost My Father, The thing for which I’m still proud of myself is that I wrote my External exam on 9th June, And I stood as the topper in the final examinations. I still Remember the words of my father “I’ll Sign Your Report if you get first Rank in your class,” At that time didn't but finally When I did, I couldn't Tell Him.

But I'm Happy That I finally Topped.
After that everything has changed everyone were shed in tears, even today my mother cries for him. For One month it was not the same that used to be before 8th June.

Then Some miracle happened it can in the form of SAHAYA

Then suddenly on 28th July 2012, I got a call from Mr. Eshwar Babu 'the best volunteer of Sahaya' saying that I have to attend the session at ZPHS Gowdavelly, I was Very nervous because I didn't have any information regarding what happens Sahaya, But Eshwar who had utmost Confidence in me said You can do it. I was accompanied by one of my friends and I took the session for 6th class E.M. The two hours which I had spent with them were the best of my life and I still remember few of the students names who made a mark on themselves probably they were the people who stood as the reason for making my first session the best session.  After the session ended I left for my college, I boarded the bus and I couldn't get out of that and even my mind. 

From that day I had a new life ‘SAHAYA.’ I would owe myself to the Society & be a part of it.

I would like to thank four people without whom there would be no SAHAYA & probably there would be no joy in my life after the incident & for making such a place for Elysian and believing in me that I could it & making this happen.

Without them I would not have revived back.

You might be wondering I said four people and there are only three people in the photograph, the fourth person is the one who took the picture ;).        
As Stated In My Previous Article

Sahaya is place where you learn by Teaching Others

           I Urge all my Co-Volunteers to make their Possible Count towards SAHAYA & thus making their Story. Because to write a story it's not necessary for you to be an author you can be anyone. And in SAHAYA what are you doesn't matter, what is SAHAYA to you matters.  

Thank You
Anirudh Kasibhatla


Srikanth said...

Every Individual is having their own memoir, it's a great feeling when I read your post because we've understand that we're developing a good society not only by sharing knowledge with the students and also equally giving happiness to our volunteers.

The mere fact is that the success of our organization is purely depend on our volunteer's interest levels. We always say, we've got a great inspiration from many volunteers throughout this journey including that 4th person from your post However after seeing your experiences, one can say you will be touching great notches in your life in very soon.

Good Luck

Sreeram anna

dharani kumar said...

No words to express...

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