Strive and Thrive - It's A First interaction Session of this year

"They say just living is not enough. You need little sunshine, few raindrops and a tinge of freedom to experience life in a life itself."

A day of a kind. My visit to a session, and a day when I jumped (in the air) after a good, long stretch (the last time was at school long ago).

To strengthen the same, bright sunny morning followed the refreshing rain.
While waiting for the session to begin, I took a momentary plunge to observe the preparation time for the same. Nischal, our Editorial Team head, highlighted few significant reasons of the 'interaction' session to every one of us. Usually, the session schedule includes of multiple tasks. This time, however, it was a assessment session. We only wanted to assess kids and need to trace talents in kids. 

There was a unique exuberance in every volunteer who attended to session today. Oblivious up then what it was all about, what today session is about stays crystal clear in our mind. 

Today's session offered me an insight of schools/Sahaya:
The organisational hierarchy in the Sahaya team starting with a volunteers, School Heads, editorial team & all the way till the core team is probably the reason how our operations school this year well be so structured, delivered and monitored. This hierarchy will ensured that decision making is decentralized but yet accountable without slowing down the program implementation. Dedicated volunteers to respective classes/Schools will increase the benefits of learning by children. 
The World of Difference journey for me has been a Journey of Discovery.
Discovering joy, hope, positivity, contentment in every volunteer.
Discovering the amazing world of Sahaya that is touching the lives of children in such a wonderful manner and helping them take on the world with confidence.
All in all, it was a new day, in every possible sense. Our session coupled with interaction to many bright hearts. We returned renewed and energized.

Srikanth :-)


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