On future design..

We have been brainstorming on a lot more ways to improve the quality of activities in Sahaya. One of the key things we have identified is the need to educate the children about life skills. Children have to be ready for everyday events. By skills, I mean competencies that are useful in everyday life. 

There is that kind of knowledge that can not be learnt by itself. For some notions, concepts, ideas or process, one can’t just know them without having a external input. Not everybody is a genius. This is why for communications skills improvement, computers usage, career guidance, general awareness, moral values, science and many more topics children need to be introduced by teaching. 

We decided to challenge ourselves to see how this can be addressed. We are working on various innovative activities that tries to address this.

More precisely, there are many types of life skills, that we can sort in several categories. Thinking skills (self-awareness, smartness, problem-solving ability…),  Social skills (verbal communication, reading, writing…), General knowledge (history, art, current affairs, philosophy, moral…). Each of them can be taught by us. 

Why should we teach this? Again, get children ready. Because life isn't easy for anyone. Also, by having such skills in their backpack, they are more likely to become wise adults, responsible and society-adapted. The best advantage we see in acquiring them is the enlargement of their opportunities, whatever they dream of. 

Here’s hoping that more of the quality and innovative ideas come in to action and are successful, so that our Mission can bring in more value to children.


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