Exploring New Methods of Teaching

Sahaya retreats periodically as a continuation of tradition from the establishment early on. Watching volunteers in action at regular sessions, events, gatherings and brainstorm sessions is an opportunity at lucid best growth of organization in providing better services to kids we are working for. This always motivates each one of us, brings out more ideas, with every idea we get a step closer to our goals.

More than teaching kids English and organizing events we are building platform for kids where they can design their dreams and more importantly achieve them.

The following illustration in our own creative way  in our teaching.

Children leaders - Idea was borne out from many discussion between our Volunteer G.Karthik and Nischal.

"Encouraging  high class students to teach/mentor the lower class"

Here is the illustration of IDEA by Sree Sruthi a volunteer from ZPHS kukatpally. She asks...
Ever tried asking this question to the students in the schools we visit?
Try asking this question, their answers will surprise you.  

There is an increasing pressure on the volunteer, especially with large, overcrowded classes of pupils with varying abilities, standards, mediums and languages. However, volunteers try to gather children's interests through various assessment methods and come up with productive ideas to motivate kids on their interests.

Kesana Santhosh Kumar suggested us to organize a field trip to motivate kids he teaches regularly.

Field Trip

Children learn about different professions, ideas and opportunities when they visit new places. A field trip can awaken the desire in a child to try new things and pursue previously unconsidered dreams and can spark new interests and passions.

There is much more that we have been able to accomplish in Sahaya. It is in the doing that we find out how kids can be motivated, inspired, benefited and what our own wonderful idiosyncrasies will be working.

Here illustration is the tool that I used to spark conversations and help volunteers build bridges within our team and across friends of Sahaya.


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