Vibrant and full of colorful hope through books

Our logo design incorporates a rainbow, Clouds, and a Book. Each 3 aspects of the design represent small parts of our dream Library for children.

Rainbows always stand for hope. Everyone can relate to the rainbow because it's in nature. It's rare, but when it appears everyone can see it. This simplicity and rareness would comprise curiosity, a Joy for Children through Sahaya. 

Clouds are symbol of imagination, creativity, and also inspiration. We sow seeds of inspiration in these books have motivated children to follow their dreams and achieve their potential.

Books - There are many little ways to enlarge child's world. Giving kids the Joy of reading is best of all. Every time we open a book, we discover something new – a beautiful story or a fairy-tale, the strange and wonderful habits of animals, the mysterious world of science, and the customs of people who live in a far-distant country.  And every time we open a book, kids learn something new – learn numbers and letters, colors and shapes, poetry and songs.  

Books are, quite simply, windows on the world!  
A library is a place to read and to enjoy and celebrate books.

Every support, big or small, is a rainbow of hope.
You can choose to be a part of spreading the Joy.

Donate books. Enlighten lives. Ignite Minds.



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