Education is a key to unlock one's potential

According to me, education is a key to unlock one's potential. Children who are given right supplement and stimulation arrive at school excited to learn - academically, socially and emotionally. As said, one will reach new heights if they learn to embrace the occasional tumble. A question arises what makes a really capable child give up in the face of failure, while others may be motivated by their failures. Such children require a push, slight guidance, which is also a suggested cure for learned helplessness and that is being done by Sahaya.

During the last session, we organised a computer workshop which stood at a great success having a very good impact on children. students who are really unaware of computers found it difficult when they were orally taught. But I could see them going easy with it after workshops. When it comes to what all the team have provided them, it's really huge. As a part of workshop, they were shown and explained regarding various parts, computer components etc. Apart from this,  students were given presentations and had discussions upon it which allowed them to be clear.
It's a well known fact that drama can always improve one's learning skills compared to any other activities and also a best way of approaching students in case of something difficult for them. They are shown visuals which not just lets them figure out things later but the speech also improves their language expression. I can say, this idea of workshops had truly made children more attentive than usual. As a combined effort can break down the wall of impossibility, the success of computer workshop includes each and every one over there.

On the whole what is done here is-
Go to the students :
Live with them,
learn from them. 
Start with what they know,  
build with what they have. 

All views expressed by - Akhila


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