Teacher's Day at ZPHS KP School

One more memorable day at Sahaya. Teacher's day celebrated on 6th September at ZPHS Kukatpally School.

Yes, it happened in Sahaya session . 9th class students played the role of teacher mentoring, teaching  6th and 7th class students. They divided themselves into 6 groups and taught some topics to their juniors. I was really amazed by the way they explained to students by interacting and engaging them with riddles in between to make it interesting.
Parven explaining adverse effects of Plastic usage
Sreeram once said he had life time opportunity to experience the best mentoring session at ZPHS Narsapur. I felt sad that I couldn't experience such session. But I don’t regret anymore.

We had a wonderful experience in our last session by being a student and listening to 9th class students Parven and Rupali's class. Am not at all exaggerating on their teaching skills, they didn't require any volunteer to control the class. Students listened very keenly and showered with doubts too at the end of the class. Parven and her friends topic was on Pollution and they explained the drastic effects of plastic, paper  usagein a controlled way and the effects of deforestation. Rupali and her friends explained on solar panel usage, how power can be generated from solar source and its uses to mankind. Functioning of heart, types of blood groups and layers of earth were explained in detail by other students with diagram on board.
Block diagram of heart and its detailed explanation
Actually the day started with the inspiration to teach students practically about Computers. We had a practical hands on session using laptops.
Enthusiasm to learn more .

Kids undivided attention on laptop
Pooja revising the topics
They were very excited to know about the basic things like how to turn on PC, MS Word, calculator, home screen icons, wallpaper. In the afternoon session, students startled us with their teaching skills, at the end of the day as a token of appreciation, some gifts were given to students who taught in classes.
Parveen and her team
Gift to the students who taught layers of Earth effectively.
Thanks to all the volunteers wholeheartedly, lets move forward with many more events and workshops which brings out the inner talent of children.



eshwar said...

That's really a great exposure given to 9th class kids where they choose their own topic and explain it to lower classes, it's a knowledge sharing activity and at the same time this has brought kids confidence levels up and they could over come their stage fear with ease.

Nice activity :)

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