The Story Begins With You!

At the end of two weeks of promotion the book collection looks like this. Pretty good going when the promotion was made in schools and colleges.
The outpouring kindness of the contributors always warms my heart, So many schools, colleges allowed us to set up a drop box and do campaign in their premises. Many of our volunteers did not hesitate to do a campaign in their apartments and gather hand full of books for children. It is amazing how it all balances out for children in need!

Well we are still short of target books this year. 

As a part of reading sessions, designed to inspire kids to spend time reading that help develop the critical thinking, vocabulary and language skills a pre-readers needs, we need to accommodate them enough quality books. 

And that is why we encourage any size of contribution, new or gently used books even if it is just one book! 
Imagine the possibilities - Donate new or gently used books and imagine how far a passion for reading could take a child.


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